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Merry Christmas...I got a new boss under my tree!

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Diary of a Mad Sportswriter: Merry Christmas...I got a new boss under my tree!

Diary of a Mad Sportswriter

Stan Hudy is a sportswriter for The Saratogian and Community News. He covers high school and youth sports in the Saratoga County area as well as writing a weekly book review on sports books. He's not just a "stick and ball" sportswriter, he's willing to take on any sport as well as any subject.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas...I got a new boss under my tree!

It's been a while, but why not come back with something exciting and important...I've got a new boss!

The Saratogian and Community News managing editor and publisher have tapped Andrew J. Bernstein as sports editor for our daily and group of weekly newspapers, announced last week.

No, it's not Lance Armstrong to the right, but the new chief, participating in his favorite sport, cycling. That's a big plus for the new boss, Andrew is someone who is expected to embrace some of the less popular sports and give them their due in our newspapers.

Now, I think I will still have to work on him about the horsepower taking left-hand turns in Malta every Friday night, but he's expected to come in with an open mind to all sports and venues.

Andrew has experience on the nightly desk and working on deadline with his numerous city council meetings, so I'm sure he'll be happy to see a couple of events that have paid referees to oversee each daily fracas compared to what he saw on Lake Avenue. (So much for me ever wanting to cover City Hall).

Andrew starts on the hot seat beginning Jan. 4, a good time to plan for the new year and also for me to throw the couple hundred new ideas I have for the new boss (some are actually not that bad). Then it's all that goes with it, hardwood hoops, swimming, gymnastics, running and ice hockey. He probably can't wait until the spring and the first local cycling event, now sure to make the front of the sports section.

Of course I haven't ever covered a cycling event, but I'm sure it won't be long...

See you on Jan. 4 Chief!



At 8:31 PM , Blogger Andrew J. Bernstein said...

Thanks for the love, Stan. I'm looking forward to getting started! P.S. Where did you find that photo?


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