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Phillies: Saratoga wins 3-2 on the road at Glens Falls.

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Diary of a Mad Sportswriter: Phillies: Saratoga wins 3-2 on the road at Glens Falls.

Diary of a Mad Sportswriter

Stan Hudy is a sportswriter for The Saratogian and Community News. He covers high school and youth sports in the Saratoga County area as well as writing a weekly book review on sports books. He's not just a "stick and ball" sportswriter, he's willing to take on any sport as well as any subject.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Phillies: Saratoga wins 3-2 on the road at Glens Falls.

Bottom of the ninth.

Sean Lamont (Georgetown) sharp grounder to third. Out at first. One out.
Eric Phillips (Georgia Southern) slow grounder up the middle, lofted throw to first by the second baseman allows him to reach safely, scored an error.
Kevin Berry (New Orleans) A second, to short to first double play to end the contest.
Phillies even their record at 2-2 with 3-2 win over Glens Falls.

Top of the ninth. Phillies up, 3-2

  • Pitching change: Jerry A'Hearn (Central Arizona) in to relieve Kellen Candau for Glens Falls.
    Mike Augustine (BC) struck out looking. One out.
    Matt Carvutto (Palomar JC) long ground out to short. Two outs.
    Marc Zecchino (Virginia Tech) single over the second baseman.
    Adam Dimino (Cortland) Logan Bowers (Walters State CC) in to pinch-hit. Grounder to the second baseman, forces Zecchino at second for the third out of the inning.

    Bottom of the eighth. Saratoga up, 3-2

    Nate Valdez (Central Arizona) flies out to right. One out.
    Connor Gandossy (Saint Louis) long drive to center, drops in and motors to second base. To second on Moreno's single. To third on the walk to Jones. Scores on a wild pitch by new Saratoga Phillie reliever Brad Jessernig. Glens Falls cuts into the lead, 3-2.
    Pepito Moreno (Pima) hits a shot over second base for a single, only Miles Silverstein's diving stop keeps a run from scoring.
    Anthony Giansanti (Siena) struck out swinging. Two outs.
  • And a visit to the mound gains the ire of the Golden Eagle fans in the stands.
    Rodarrick Jones (New Orleans) walks to load the bases.
  • Pitching change: Brad Jessernig (Pepperdine) now in for college teammate Keven Inman with the bases loaded.
    With Justin Zumwalde (Pima)at bat, Jessernig throws a wild pitch, allowing Gandossy to score, cutting the lead, 3-2. On the next pitch, Zumwalde swings and sends his bat flying into the Saratoga Phillies dugout.
    His at-bat didn't get any better, getting called out on strikes and then getting ejected by the home plate umpire.

    Top of the eighth. Saratoga up, 3-1

    Sean Allaire (Central Conn.) grounded out to short. One out.
    Bryan Rose (Kentucky) hit by a pitch. Forced out at second on a double play. Second out.
    Miles Silverstein (Pepperdine) grounds out to second, part of a double play.

    Bottom of the seventh. Phillies ahead, 3-1

    Pitching change for Saratoga, Keven Inman (Pepperdine) in for Paul Burgdorf (Williams). Burgdorf went six innings, allowing one run, earned. He gave up four hits, walked two and struck out seven.
    Now confirmed, Glens Falls coach John Mayotte has left the building for the night. The umpire didn't give him the dramatic heave-ho during the exchange, but he was dismissed.
    Sean Lamont (Georgetown) Sharp grounder to short. One out.
    Eric Phillips (Georgia Southern) Long fly ball to center. Two outs.
    Kevin Berry (New Orleans) grounds out to short. Three outs.

    Top of the seventh. Saratoga up, 3-1

    Pitching change for Glens Falls, Kellen Candau (Southern Illinois) in for Tony Dischler. Dischler on the hook for the loss. He went six innings, allowed two runs, both earned on just four hits. He walked one batter and struck out six.

    A bit of excitement between innings as Glens Falls manager John Mayotte got into a heated exchange with the home plate umpire during warm-ups. He was chest-to-chest with the home plate umpire, sharing his disappointment about something. From the press box it was unclear, but late strike calls and the words "You have an ego" were several of his points.

    Matt Carvutto (Palomar JC) led off with a long double in the right centerfield gap. Bunted to third by Zecchino. He comes home on a balk by Candau, called by the home plate umpire, puttng Saratoga ahead, 3-1.
    Marc Zecchino (Virginia Tech) sacrifice bunt laid down between the mound and first. One out.
    Adam Diminio (Cortland) struck out swinging. Two outs.
    Pat Reardon (RPI) walks, moves to second on the balk.
    Max McEleney (Cerritos) grounds out to second. Three outs.

    Bottom of the sixth. Saratoga up, 2-1.

    Pepito Moreno (Pima) single over the left side of the infield. Advances on Jones's groundout to short. Became the third out.
    Anthony Giansanti (Siena) struck out swinging, but not before arguing the second strike call with the home plate umpire. 1 out.
    A visit to the mound by Saratoga pitching coach Billy Sitting with Pepperdine's Keven Inman warming up in the bullpen.
    Rodrarrick Jones (New Orleans) grounded out to short. Second out.
    Justin Sumwalde (Pima) Earns a walk to first, but Saratoga catcher Pat Reardon comes up throwing, cutting down Moreno who was attempting to steal third.

    Top of the sixth. Saratoga up, 2-1.

    Bryan Rose (Kentucky) grounded out to first, flip to the pitcher. One out.
    Miles Silverstein (Pepperdine) struck out looking. Two outs.
    Mike Augustine (BC) struck out swinging. Third out.

    Bottom of the fifth. Phillies ahead, 2-1.

    Kevin Berry (New Orleans) flied out to right. One out.
    Nate Valdez (Central Arizona) long fly out to centerfield. Two outs.
    Connor Gandossy (Saint Louis) struck out looking. Three outs.

    Top of the fifth. Saratoga up, 2-1.

    Pat Reardon (RPI) lines out to the left fielder. 1 out.
    Max McEleney (Cerritos) struck out looking. 2 outs.
    Sean Allaire (Central Conn.) struck out swinging. 3 outs.

    Bottom of the fourth. Phillies up, 2-1.

    Anthony Giansanti (Siena) struck out swinging. 1 out.
    Rodarrick Jones (New Orleans) walked. Ran all the way to third on a bad pick-off attempt by Saratoga Phillies starter Jon Shippee. The ball rolled all the way to the Glens Falls bullpen at the right field fence.
    Justin Zumwalde (Pima) struck out swinging. Umpire said he committed. 2 outs.
    Sean Lamont (Georgetown) reaches on catcher's interference. Swung at a third strike, but ruled that Saratoga catcher Pat Reardon's glove interfered with his swing. Reardon and Phillies skipper Greg Zackrison argue the call to no avail. Lamont on first.
    Eric Phillips (Georgia Southern) grounds out to second, forcing out Lamont to end the inning.

    Top of the fourth. Phillies go up, 2-1.

    Bryan Rose (Kentucky) infield single, off pitcher's glove. Advances to third on a hit and run on Silverstein's single to right. Scores on Augustine's RBI single. Tie game, 1-1.
    Miles Silverstein (Pepperdine) singles through the right side. Advances to third on Augustine's single through the right side, slides in under the tag.
    Mike Augustine (Boston College) RBI single through the right side. Forced out at second for the first out of the inning.
    Matt Carvutto (Palomar JC) grounds into a second, to short, to first double play, second out, scoring Silverstein.
    Marc Zecchino (Virginia Tech) takes a two out walk.
    Adam Dimino (Cortland) struck out looking. Third out, but Phillies up, 2-1.

    Bottom of the third.
    Glens Falls ahead, 1-0.
    Kevin Berry (New Orleans) singles to centerfield. To second on Valdez's groundout. Scores on Gandossy's RBI double to right. Glens Falls ahead, 1-0.
    Nate Valdez (Central Arizona) grounds out to second. 1 out.
    Connor Gandossy (Saint Louis) RBI double into the right field gap. Doubled up at second on Moreno's fly out, almost to third when ball thrown back in to double him up at second easily. 3rd out.
    Pepito Moreno (Pima) flied out to centerfield. 2nd out.

    Top of the third.
    No score.
    Adam Dimino (Cortland) bunted back to the pitcher. 1 out.
    Pat Reardon (RPI) singles up the middle. Steals second courtesy of a high throw and snuck in to beat the tag.
    Max McEleney (Cerritos) struck out looking. 2 outs.
    Sean Allaire (Central Conn.) struck out swinging. 3 outs.

    Bottom of the second.
    No score.
    Justin Zumwalde (Pima) struck out swinging. 1 out.
    Sean Lamont (Georgetown) struck out looking. 2 outs.
    Eric Phillips (Georgia Southern) singles down the third base line for a sure single, he wanted to stretch it into a double and was successful when the throw from the left fielder sailed over the bag. Saratoga second baseman Max McEleney saved the throw and fired over to third base where Phillips was still in motion, tagged out easily in front of the third base bag by Sean Allaire for the final out.

    Top of the second.
    No score.
    Mike Augustine (BC) grounds out to second. 1 out.
    Matt Carvutto (Palomar JC) groundout deep to third, out by a step. 2 outs.
    Marc Zecchino (Virginia Tech) grounds out back to the pitcher. 3 outs.

    Bottom of the first.
    No score.
    Pepito Moreno (Pima) short-hop grounder to short. 1 out.
    Anthony Giansanti (Siena) grounds out to third. 2 outs.
    Rodarrick Jones (New Orleans) struck out. 3 outs.

    Top of the first.
    No score.
    Sean Allaire (Central Conn.) grounds out to second.
    Bryan Rose (Kentucky) slow roller back to the mound, two outs.
    Miles Silverstein (Pepperdine) grounded out to the shortstop, third out.

    It's an overcast afternoon at East Field in Glens Falls where the Saratoga Phillies (1-2) take on the Glens Falls Golden Eagles (2-1) for the second time in the first week of the 2009 season.

    Here is today's starting line-up
    Saratoga Phillies
    Sean Allaire (Central Conn.) 3B
    Bryan Rose (Kentucky) CF
    Miles Silverstein (Pepperdine) SS
    Mike Augustine (Boston College) 1B
    Matt Carvutto (Palomar JC) RF
    Marc Zecchino (Virginia Tech) DH
    Adam Dimino (Cortland) LF
    Pat Reardon (RPI) C
    Max McEleney (Cerritos) 2B
    Paul Burgdorf (Williams) P

    Glens Falls Golden Eagles
    Pepito Moreno (Pima) SS
    Anthony Giansanti (Siena) CF
    Rodarrick Jones (New Orleans) LF
    Justin Zumwalde (Pima) RF
    Sean Lamont (Georgetown) 3B
    Eric Phillips (Southern Georgia) 2B
    Kevin Berry (New Orleans) DH
    Nate Valdez (Central Arizona) 1B
    Connor Gandossy (Saint Louis) C
    Tony Dischler (Louisiana Monroe) P

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