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Phillies home opener: Game two Phillies win, 7-2

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Diary of a Mad Sportswriter: Phillies home opener: Game two Phillies win, 7-2

Diary of a Mad Sportswriter

Stan Hudy is a sportswriter for The Saratogian and Community News. He covers high school and youth sports in the Saratoga County area as well as writing a weekly book review on sports books. He's not just a "stick and ball" sportswriter, he's willing to take on any sport as well as any subject.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Phillies home opener: Game two Phillies win, 7-2

Top of the seventh, WatertownPhillies win, 7-2

  • Pitching change: Saratoga new reliever Brad Jessernig (Pepperdine)
    Kasuke Hattori grounds out to second. One out.
    Brendan Williams walks.
    Nate Shaver (New Mexico State) hits a grounder to short as the infielder was moving towards second. The throw bounces past the first baseman, but Saratoga catcher Patrick Reardon was trailing the play, corraled teh ball, fires to Jessernig who raced to cover home and applied the tag to a sliding Brendan Williams. Two outs.
    Billy Burgess strikes out looking for the final out of the ballgame. 7-2.

    Bottom of the sixth, Saratoga Phillies up, 7-2

  • Pitching change: Ben Marshall (Georgia State) in for Watertown.
    Matt Calvutto (Palomar) grounds out to short. One out.
    Marc Zecchino (Virginia Tech) grounds out to short. Two outs.
    Patrick Reardon (RPI) draws a walk. Steals second. Draws the attention of the catcher on Allaire's dropped third strike, scores on the errant throw. Phillies up, 6-2.
    Sean Allaire (Central Conn.) strikes out swinging, dropped third strike, races to first and the ball sails on the foul territory side of first base, he motors all the way to second base. Scores on Larsen's single. Phillies up, 7-2.
    Biss Larsen drills an RBI single to centerfield.
    Bryan Rose (Kentucky) drills a fly ball to right, caught. Third out.

    Top of the sixth, Watertown Saratoga up, 5-2

    Brandt Jones flies out to centerfield. One out.
    Steven Humble takes a one out walk. Advances on a wild pitch.
    Brett Botsford long fly ball to centerfield. Two outs.
  • Pitching change: Keven Inman (Pepperdine) in for Patrick Brennan.
    Neiko Johnson strikes out swinging. Third out.

    Bottom of the fifth, Saratoga Phillies ahead, 5-2

    Sean Allaire (Central Conn.) takes a lead off walk. To second on Larsen bunt. Steals third, beating the throw. Scores on the left fielder's pop-fly error. Phillies ahead, 3-2.
    Biss Larsen (NC State) sacrifice bunt. 1 out.
    Bryan Rose (Kentucky) pop fly, high down the left field line, lost in lights, tips his glove and Rose is on first base. Forced out at second on Dimino's fielder's choice.
    Adam Dimino (Cortland) hits into a fielder's choice, force out at second. Promptly steals second. Advances to third on a balk on Watertown's McCulio. Scores on Silverstein's RBI double. Saratoga up, 4-2.
    Miles Silverstein (Pepperdine) sends a deep fly that kept on going between the right and centerfielder for an RBI double. Scores on Augustine's double. 5-2.
  • Meeting at the mound for Watertown.
    Pat Augustine (Boston College) drills a drive into the gap, for an RBI double, cut down at third trying to stretch it into a triple. Third out, but Phillies add to lead, 5-2.

    Top of the fifth, Watertown Tied at 2-2

  • Pitching change: Left-hander Patrick Brennan (Iowa) on in relief for the Phillies.
    Brendan Williams grounds out to second. One out
    Nate Shaver get hit by a pitch. Steals second, throw high.
    Billy Burgess pops out to short centerfield, caught by second baseman. Two outs.
    Pat Biserta struck out swinging. Third out.

    Bottom of the fourth, Saratoga Phillies tie it 2-2

    Bryan Rose (Kentucky) hits a lead off single. To second on a fielding error by the second baseman on a Silverstein's grounder. To third on Augustine's single. Scores on Calvutto's single, cutting lead, 2-1.
    Adam Dimino (Cortland) his sacrifice bunt popped over the third base line, caught. One out.
    Miles Silverstein (Pepperdine) reaches on a fielding error by the second baseman. To second on Augstine's single, to third on Calvutto's single, scores on Zachino's RBI groundout. Score tied, 2-2.
    Mike Augustine (Boston College) single, to seond on Calvutto single, to third on Zecchino fielder's choice.
    Calvutto singles to right. Forced out at second. Two outs.
    Marc Zecchino (Virginia Tech) grounder to second, RBI.
    Patrick Reardon (RPI) grounded out to second. Third out, but the Phillies tied the contest at two runs apiece.

    Top of the fourth, Watertown Watertown still up, 2-0

    Brant Jones stings it through the left side for a single. To second on Johnson single.
    Steve Humble strikes out swinging. One out.
    Brett Botsford fly out to left field. Two outs.
    Neiko Johnson hits it through the right side.
    Kasuke Hattori grounds out to second. Third out.

    Bottom of the third, Saratoga Phillies down, 2-0

    Patrick Reardon (RPI) grounds out to second.
    Sean Allaire (Central Conn.) grounder to second, flip to pitcher, but the runner appeared to be there, but the Phillies don't get the call.
    Biss Larsen (NC State) grounds out to third. Third out.

    Props to the Teamline crew My fellow NYCBL partner in crime and print, Andy Santillo is back behind the mike on Teamline, the silky voice of the Phillies on their home internet broadcasts. Tune in each time the Phillies are home.

    Top of the third, Watertown Wizards ahead, 2-0

    Brandon Williams sends it back into the box, ball bounces off the pitcher's foot and off to third. No play to first, runner save.
    Adam Durrant is checked out by the Phillies pitching staff and after a few warm-up throws he's determined to continue. Moves to second on groundout by Burgess.
    Nate Shaver struck out for the first out.
    Billy Burgess grounds out to third. Second out.
    Pat Biserta grounds out to second. Third out.

    Bottom of the second, SaratogaWatertown up, 2-0

    Mike Augustine (Boston College) grounds out to third.
    Matt Calvutto (Palomar) pop-fly drops in between three fielders in short centerfield.
    Marc Zecchino (Virginia Tech) grounds into an inning ending double play, 5-4-3, for those of you scoring at home.

    Top of the second, Watertown Wizards up again, 2-0

    Pat Biserta drills a Gabriel Durant offering that hits the bottom of the left field fence. He comes around to score on a throwing error by the third baseman. Watertown up, 1-0.
    Brandt Jones reaches on an error when the third basemen attempted to force the runner at second, but sailed into center field. To second on Humble's sacrifice. Scores on Johnson's RBI single to right. Wizards up, 2-0.
    Steve Humble sacrifice bunt, moves the runner over.
    Brett Botsford grounds out to short. Two outs.
    Neike Johnson drops a single in front of the right fielder for an RBI. To second on an errant pick off throw to first.
    Kasuke Hattori grounder to shortstop, Miles Silverstein, rushes the throw, pulling first baseman Mike Augustine off the bag, but makes the tag to end the inning.

    Bottom of the first, Saratoga Still scoreless.

    Bryan Rose (Kentucky) sends a shot to right field, moves to his right for the catch.
    Adam Dimino (Cortland) grounds back to the first baseman, flips it to the pitcher. Second out.
    Miles Silverstein (Pepperdine) flies out to right. Third out.

    Top of the first, Watertown No score.

    Neike Johnson walked. To second on a walk to Hattori. To third on a passed ball.
    Kasuke Hattori walked. To second on the passed ball.
    Brendan Williams struck out. One out.
    Nate Shaver walks to load the bases.
    Billy Burgess ground back in the box, Saratoga starter Gabriel Durand who fires back to Phillies catcher, Patrick Reardon, for the force at home and then sends it down the line for the double play. Bringing the Phillies fan to their feet. End of the first.

    Things are underway quickly for the second contest Monday night at the Saratoga Phillies home opener of the 2009 season.

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