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Phillies home opener: Wizards round trippers rule, win 7-2

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Diary of a Mad Sportswriter: Phillies home opener: Wizards round trippers rule, win 7-2

Diary of a Mad Sportswriter

Stan Hudy is a sportswriter for The Saratogian and Community News. He covers high school and youth sports in the Saratoga County area as well as writing a weekly book review on sports books. He's not just a "stick and ball" sportswriter, he's willing to take on any sport as well as any subject.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Phillies home opener: Wizards round trippers rule, win 7-2

Watertown win, 7-2 on eight hits and two home runs to take the first game of this 7-inning twinbill.

Bottom of the seventh Last chance for the Phils

  • Pitching change: Left-hander Justin Wiley (Iona) in on relief for Watertown.
    Bryan Rose (Kentucky) got the barrel on it, but sent out to the left fielder. One out.
    Logan Bowers (Walters CC) R.W. Zeller (Pepperdine) inside out swing, sends it to left field, but caught, two outs.
    Miles Silverstein (Pepperdine) singles to left field, stops at first.
    Mike Augustine (Boston College) grounds out to the second baseman. Third out.

    Top of the seventh. Wizards rocking, 7-2

    Neiko Johnson (Kentucky) high hopper to second base and newly inserted infielder Biss Larsen (NC State), makes the grab but the long toss to first is too late. To second on Hattori's walk.
    Kasuke Hattori (Minnesota State) walks.
    Brandon Williams (Georgia State) drills a three-run home run over the left field fence. His third round-tripper on the season. (I'm glad I moved my car!)
    Nate Shaver (New Mexico State) grounds back to the pitcher. First out.
    Ben Flanary (Temple) struck out looking. Two outs.
    Brett Botsford (Lemoyne) grounds out to first, gets the ball to the pitcher. Third out.
    But not before the damage was done, as the Wizards tacked on three more runs with one swing, up 7-2.

    A big thanks! goes out to Paul at the Home Depot in Saratoga Springs, hooking up the Phillies and myself with a power cord to make tonight's blog and internet broadcast possible. Thanks, Paul!

    Bottom of the sixth. Watertown up, 4-2

  • Pitching change: Jordon Allen (Brockport) in on relief for Watertown.
    Matt Carvutto (Palomar) lines out to shortstop, leaps up to make the grab. One out.
    Pat Epps (Central Conn.) grounds out to short, two outs.
    Pat Reardon (RPI) walked. To second on Allaire single.
    Sean Allaire (Central Conn.) rips a single into left field.
    Max McEleney (Cerritos) Marc Zecchino (Virginia Tech) struck out.

    Top of the sixth. Wizards up, 4-2

    John Pedrotty (Holy Cross) struck out looking. One out.
    Joey Bowens (Creighton) struck out looking. Two outs.
    Brant Jones (Longwood) grounds out to second. Three outs.

    Bottom of the fifth. Watertown up, 4-2

    Max McEleney (Cerritos) drills a single to left in front of family and friends. Forced out on the Rose grounder to first. One out.
    Bryan Rose (Kentucky) grounds to first, throw to second fielder's choice, beating the throw back to to first. To second on Bowers's single.
    Logan Bowers (Walters CC) base hit past the shortstop.
    Miles Silverstein (Pepperdine) flew out to right. Second out.
    Mike Augustine (Boston College) sends a laser to the left of the first baseman, snagged for the third out.

    Top of the fifth. Wizards still ahead, 4-2

    Nate Shaver (New Mexico State) flies out to left. One out.
    Ben Flanary (Temple) ground out to second. Two outs.
    Brett Botsford (Lemoyne) sharp grounder back in the box, flips to first. Third out.

    Game note: This will be a pair of seven inning games for the fans and the players. It wasn't determined until later today, moving the contest from nine innings to seven.

    Bottom of the fourth. Watertown ahead, 4-2

    Miles Silverstein (Pepperdine) walked and becomes the first out on a force out at second. He goes in hard and the throw to first is late and wide.
    Mike Augustine (Boston College) Reaches on a fielder's choice. To second on Carvutto's single. To third on Epps grounder.
    Matt Carvutto (Palomar) bloops a single to center field. Out on the double play attempt on Epps's fielder's choice. Scores on the errant pick off move on Epps. Saratoga cuts into lead, 4-1.
    Pat Epps (Central Conn.) grounds back to the pitcher who turns and fires to second. The throw to first is late, allowing him to reach safely. Watertown pitcher Kyle Bradley attempts to pick him off and the ball bounds to the left field fence and he makes it all the way to third. He scores easily on Reardon's double to center, Phillies cut lead in half, 4-2.
    Pat Reardon (RPI) rips the ball over the centerfielder's head for a stand-up RPI double.
    Sean Allaire (Central Conn.) strikes out swinging. Third out.

    Top of the fourth.

    John Pedrotty (Holy Cross) sends a 1-0 pitch over the left field fence for his first home run of the year and the first at East Side Rec this season. Wizards up, 3-0.
    Joey Bowens (Creighton) sends a looping drive to right field. To second on Jones groundout. Scores on Hattori's single to right. Wizards up 4-0.
    Brant Jones (Longwood) a slow roller to short, Saratoga's Miles Silverstein (Pepperdine) charges and makes the throw to first. One out.
    Meeting A meeting on the mound by Saratoga pitching coach Billy Sitting (Wentworth).
    Neiko Johnson (Kentucky) high chopper to third, thrown out for the second out.
    Kasuke Hattori (Minnesota State) hits a sharp grounder past a diving Max McEleney (Cerritos) to drive in Bowens for another run.
  • Pitching change: Geoff Oxley (Boston College) comes on in relief. Arrived today for the Phillies. 6-foot-3 right-hander on the mound.
    Brandon Williams (Georgia State) grounds out to the shortstop. Third out.

    Bottom of the third. Watertown up, 2-0

    Sean Allaire (Central Conn) bunts his way safely to first.
    Max McEleney (Cerritos) hits a flare to right, caught by a diving Nate Shaver (New Mexico State), robbing him of a hit and forces Allaire to scamper back to first. He goes on to steal second.
  • Special visitors tonight:Phillies hitting coach Jeffrey Quiros (St. John's) has his dad in the stands watching tonight's double header.
    Bryan Rose (Kentucky) short fly to center. Second out.
    Logan Bowers (Walters CC) fly out to center. Third out.

    Top of the third. Wizards putting a spell on, up 2-0

    Brant Jones (Longwood) hit by pitch. Erased on a pick off move. One out.
    Neiko Johnson (Kentucky) drills a double off the right field wall. Goes to third on a Hattori single and scores on Nate Shaver's grounder to second. Wizards up, 2-0.
    Kasuke Hattori (Minnesota State) singles, to second on Williams walk and third on Shaver's grounder.
    Brandon Williams (Georgia State) walks, erased on Shaver groundout, forced out at second. Two outs.
    Nate Shaver (New Mexico State) fielder's choice, grounder to second, runs batted in. To second on Flanary's walk.
    Ben Flanary (Temple(walked to load the bases).
    Brett Botsford (Lemoyne) grounds out to second. Third out.

    Bottom of the second. Watertown lead, 1-0.

    Mike Augustine (Boston College) singles to right. Forced out at second on Carvutto's grounder. One out.
    Matt Carvutto (Palomar) fielder's choice. Forced out on Epps's grounder. Two outs.
    Pat Epps (Central Conn) fielder's choice.
    Pat Reardon (RPI) pops out to left field. Third out.

    Top of second. Wizards on top 1-0.

    Nate Shaver (New Mexico State) leads off with a walk from Saratoga starter Cade Chambers (Walters CC) followed by Ben Flanary (Temple) also earning a free pass. The duo are moved over on a Brett Botsford (Temple) sacrifice bunt. Shaver comes home to score on John Pedrotty's single just past the Phillies diving second baseman Max McEleney (Cerritos).
    Joey Bowens strikes out for the second out and Saratoga catcher Pat Reardon (RPI) fired to second, the throw bounced on the first base side, but Pedrotty paused for the bounce, allowing the infielder to catch the throw and apply the tag to end the inning.

    Some challenges at home for the Saratoga Phillies opener here at East Side Rec in Saratoga Springs, but the home opener pitch has been thrown and we are scoreless through one full inning.

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