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NYS Crew: As stories unfold, nationals bids released

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Diary of a Mad Sportswriter: NYS Crew: As stories unfold, nationals bids released

Diary of a Mad Sportswriter

Stan Hudy is a sportswriter for The Saratogian and Community News. He covers high school and youth sports in the Saratoga County area as well as writing a weekly book review on sports books. He's not just a "stick and ball" sportswriter, he's willing to take on any sport as well as any subject.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NYS Crew: As stories unfold, nationals bids released

In a combination of the perfect storm(s) Saturday and Sunday champions were crowned, race results were negated and a series of issues clouded the New York State Championships rowing regatta at Fish Creek.

Now with a full day behind the event and phone bills that would thrill Alexander Graham Bell, some official announcements have been made.

According to the top judge referee at US Rowing the late races on Sunday, rowed under less than ideal conditions, both regarding weather and race integrity, will be negated with the heats and semifinals standing as the recognized times.

There is no clear cut written rule on the issue, so the decision was an interpretation of the evidence presented and what is in the best interest of fairness to all teams involved.

That said, SRAA president Lee West, has also allowed New York State additional bids for inclusion to the national regatta in two weeks AND the petition process is still open to any team that wishes to apply from NYS for open lanes.

It's a win-win in the big picture, but some teams may be disappointed in the recognition of state titles.

The New York State matrix of bids is almost complete and will be available this afternoon. My story will follow after that.

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At 9:15 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waiting on the bids.... any word?


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