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G5 notes: Phils v Watertown - Fiers strong with 12k night

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Diary of a Mad Sportswriter: G5 notes: Phils v Watertown - Fiers strong with 12k night

Diary of a Mad Sportswriter

Stan Hudy is a sportswriter for The Saratogian and Community News. He covers high school and youth sports in the Saratoga County area as well as writing a weekly book review on sports books. He's not just a "stick and ball" sportswriter, he's willing to take on any sport as well as any subject.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

G5 notes: Phils v Watertown - Fiers strong with 12k night

Watertown, top of the ninth
Jay Bresnahan 3b (MNSU) deep shot to short, Chris Buss to his right, long throw, safe.
Ryan Faidley rf (East Kentucky) Grounds into a 6-4-3 double play.
Derek Marshall c (St. Rose) strikes out looking.
Game over, ball game over, the Phillies win...the Phillies win.
Fiers earns a complete game victory, his second win of the season. He goes nine innings, allows one run, striking out 12.

Saratoga, bottom of the eighth
Chris Buss ss (Old Dominion) grounded out to shortstop.
Dale Alberto 3b (Nova Southeastern) grounded out to shortstop.
Dennis O’Grady 2b (Duke) grounded out to first baseman.
Score: Saratoga 5, Watertown 1

Watertown, top of eighth
Curtis Lazar 1b (Maryland) fly out to right field.
Jake Gorman 2b (Holy Cross) doubled to left field wall. Scores on Creke’s RBI double to the wall. Saratoga 5, Watertown 1.
Jordan Creke ss (East. Illinois) doubles to left field, hitting the wall with his drive.
Brad Felder cf (The Citadel) grounds out to third.
Jay Bresnahan 3b (MNSU) flies out to left.
Score: Saratoga 5, Watertown 1

Phils notes: J.D. Martinez hit his second double of the contest in the second, a two out drive to left, giving him drives to opposite fields on the night and continuing his hot hitting, 10-for-17 to date in the NYCBL with a four -game hitting streak.

Saratoga, bottom of seventh
Jordan Wormsley lf (Vanderbilt) struck out, dropped third strike, thrown out at first.
J.D. Martinez dh (Nova Southeastern) a loooonng drive, hits the fence near the 347 mark of left field, a double by Martinez. Scores on Annarummo’s single to center. Saratoga up, 5-0.
Greg Annarummo 1b (Elon) RBI single to center, caught between bases attempting to stretch his hit into a double, tagged out.
Score: Saratoga up, 5-0.

Watertown, top of the seventh
After an extra effort effort again by his defense, Saratoga Phillies starter Mike Fiers had his bid for a second no-hitter in the NYCBL broken up when Derek Marshall blooped the ball into short right field and a diving Dennis O'Grady couldn't come up with it.
Ryan Faidley rf (East Kentucky) bloop pop out to centerfield.
Derek Marshall c (St. Rose) bloop single to left field, unable to be snagged by Saratoga shortstop Chris Buss, breaking up the no-hit bid by Saratoga’s Mike Fiers.
Reid Chenworth dh (Maryland) struck out swinging.
Keil’l Zablan lf (Southern Utah) grounded out to second.
Score, Saratoga 4-0

Saratoga bottom of the sixth
Dennis O’Grady 2b (Duke) bloop single to left field. Forced at second to start double play.
Mike Moss c (Maryland) grounded into a 6-4-3 double play.
Tom Luciano rf (Duke) grounded out to second.
Score: Saratoga 4-0.

Watertown, top of the sixth
Saratoga starter Mike Fiers continues to cruise. His only hiccup this inning was a walk to Jordan Creke.
Jake Gorman 2b (Holy Cross) struck out swinging.
Jordan Creke ss (East. Illinois) walked. Stole second.
Brad Felder cf (The Citadel) struck out. 10th strikeout of night for Fiers.
Jay Bresnahan 3b (MNSU) flied out to left.
Score: Saratoga 4-0.

Saratoga, bottom of the fifth.
The Phillies added a run on Chris Buss’s second RBI hit of the night, this time a single to left, scoring Jordan Wormsley who led off with a double .
Jordan Wormsley lf (Vanderbilt) doubled to deep left, just inside the line. To third on Annarummo’s infield single. Scored on Buss RBI single to left. Saratoga up 4-0.
J.D. Martinez dh (Nova Southeastern) high pop out to the shortstop on the infield grass.
Greg Annarummo 1b (Elon) swinging bunt down the third base line, beat out throw to first by catcher. To second on Buss single. Thrown out, caught stealing catcher to shortstop at second base, caught off the bag towards third.
Chris Buss ss (Old Dominion) hard chopping single into left field.
Saratoga: 4-0.

Watertown, top of the fifth.
Saratoga’s Mike Fiers continued to cruise, despite an error at third, he was saved by his defense to end the inning.
Derek Marshall c (St. Rose) lined out to third baseman Dale Alberto.
Reid Chenworth dh (Maryland) grounded out to third.
Keil’l Zablan lf (Southern Utah) reached on an error by Alberto, moved to his left, hit his glove, but unable to come up with it. Scored as an error.
Curtis Lazar 1b (Maryland) short fly out to centerfield, but Nate Holland raced in and slid low for the catch, ending the inning.
Score: Saratoga, 3-0.

Saratoga, bottom of the 4th
The Phillies put runners on, but couldn’t convert. Dale Alberto broke for home on a squeeze bunt attempt by Tom Luciano, but bunted foul.
Dale Alberto 3b (Nova Southeastern) took one for the team, hit by pitch. To second on O’Grady’s grounder back to the pitcher. To third on Moss infield single.
Dennis O’Grady 2b (Duke) ground out to pitcher.
Mike Moss c (Maryland) infield single. Forced out at second on Holland’s fielder’s choice.
Tom Luciano rf (Duke) pop out to shortstop.
Nate Holland cf (Louisville) grounded into fielder’s choice to short.
Score: Saratoga 3-0.

Phils notes: The RBI double by J.D. Martinez (Nova Southeastern) in the bottom of the third was his ninth hit of the summer season and extends his “official” hitting streak to four games. He hit a home run in the suspended game against Amsterdam and will not count as an official at bat, hit or dinger, until the game is completed, possibly in the middle of July.

Watertown, top of the 4th
Brad Felder cf (The Citadel) struck out swinging.
Jay Bresnahan 3b (MNSU) struck out swinging.
Ryan Faidley rf (East Kentucky) struck out looking.*
*This is the seventh strikeout of the contest for Fiers.
Score: Saratoga 3-0

Bottom of the 3rd
Saratoga didn’t wait to put runs on the board, taking on two runs on an error and an RBI double by J.D. Martinez, going ahead, 3-0.
Tom Luciano rf (Duke) lead off walk. To second on Holland’s single. Stole third and scored on a an error by the third baseman on the slide. Saratoga up 2-0.
Nate Holland cf (Louisville) singled to left centerfield. To second on double steal with Luciano. Scores easily on Martinez RBI double to right field. Saratoga up 3-0.
Jordan Wormsley lf (Vanderbilt) strikes out swinging.
J.D. Martinez dh (Nova Southeastern) drills RBI double to right field.
Greg Annarummo 1b (Elon) lined out to left.
Chris Buss ss (Old Dominion) grounds out to second base.

Top of the 3rd
Saratoga’s Mike Fiers is still masterful against Watertown with another 1-2-3 inning.
Curtis Lazar 1b (Maryland) popped out to shortstop.
Jake Gorman 2b (Holy Cross) struck out swinging.
Jordan Creke ss (East. Illinois) struck out swinging.
Saratoga 1-0

Bottom of the 2nd inning
The Phillies went up 1-0 working Watertown starter Ian Schwalenberg for a run on a hit and a walk.
Greg Annarummo 1b (Elon) lead off walk. On a hit and run, scores from first on Buss RBI double to left center that rolled to the wall at the 347 foot mark at East Side Rec. Phils up 1-0.
Chris Buss ss (Old Dominion) RBI double to left center.
Dale Alberto 3b (Nova Southeastern) strikes out swinging, thrown out at first on drop third strike.
Dennis O’Grady 2b (Duke) strikes out swinging.
Mike Moss c (Maryland) grounds out to first, flip to pitcher to end the inning.
Saratoga 1-0

Top of the 2nd inning
Another quick inning of work for Saratoga starter Mike Fiers.
Derek Marshall c (St. Rose) comebacker to Fiers, flips to first for the out.
Reid Chenworth dh (Maryland) struck out swinging.
Keil’l Zablan lf (Southern Utah) grounder to first, unassisted out.
Score 0-0.

Bottom of the 1st inning
Watertown starter Ian Schwalenberg is looking as sharp as Mike Fiers, also coming away with a 1-2-3 inning, including two called three strikeouts. Both squads wouldn’t have a problem with a quick game tonight after yesterday’s four-hour marathon.
Nate Holland cf (Louisville) struck out looking.
Jordan Wormsley lf (Vanderbilt) struck out looking.
J.D. Martinez dh (Nova Southeastern) long fly out to left field.
Score 0-0.

Top of the 1st inning
Saratoga starter Mike Fiers was in control early with a 1-2-3 inning against Watertown. A better start than the season opener where he struggled in the first inning before settling down. When he was lifted after 73 pitches he told his coaches he was finally warmed-up after having the spring season off with the University of Cumberlands.
Brad Felder cf (The Citadel) grounded out to third.
Jay Bresnahan 3b (MNSU) struck out swinging.
Ryan Faidley rf (East Kentucky) struck out looking.
Score 0-0.

Here are your starting line-ups for tonights rematch between the Saratoga Phillies and the Watertown Wizards.
The two squads squared off last night just south of the Canadian border with the Wizards snatching their first win of the year in a dramatic 5-4 victory in 11 innings.
The Phillies arrived back in the Spa City early this morning (3 a.m.) and returned to East Rec Field for their second home contest, but tonight could be their first complete contest at home.
On Tuesday, the Phillies contest versus Amsterdam was suspended due to lightning and then moved to another date due to the downpour that followed.

Right-hander Mike Fiers (University of Cumberlands) is on the mound, sporting a 1-0 record, earning a 7-2 win in the season opener at Little Falls last Saturday. The 2007 NYCBL Pitcher of the Year is looking for his second win of the summer, red-shirting for his college this spring after a car accident after the new year.

Watertown answers with right-hander Ian Schwalenberg (Maryland) for the Wizards.

Thursday’s starting line-ups

Watertown Wizards (1-3)
Brad Felder cf (The Citadel)
Jay Bresnahan 3b (MNSU)
Ryan Faidley rf (East Kentucky)
Derek Marshall c (St. Rose)
Reid Chenworth dh (Maryland)
Keil’l Zablan lf (Southern Utah)
Curtis Lazar 1b (Maryland)
Jake Gorman 2b (Holy Cross)
Jordan Creke ss (East. Illinois)

Ian Schwalenberg p (Maryland)

Saratoga Phillies (1-2)
Nate Holland cf (Louisville)
Jordan Wormsley lf (Vanderbilt)
J.D. Martinez dh (Nova Southeastern)
Greg Annarummo 1b (Elon)
Chris Buss ss (
Dale Alberto 3b (Nova Southeastern)
Dennis O’Grady 2b (Duke)
Mike Moss c (Maryland)
Tom Luciano rf (Duke)

Mike Fiers p (University of Cumberlands)

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