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Phils game 9 - Injuries, ejections, interference and reversed calls. Amsterdam wins 6-3.

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Diary of a Mad Sportswriter: Phils game 9 - Injuries, ejections, interference and reversed calls. Amsterdam wins 6-3.

Diary of a Mad Sportswriter

Stan Hudy is a sportswriter for The Saratogian and Community News. He covers high school and youth sports in the Saratoga County area as well as writing a weekly book review on sports books. He's not just a "stick and ball" sportswriter, he's willing to take on any sport as well as any subject.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Phils game 9 - Injuries, ejections, interference and reversed calls. Amsterdam wins 6-3.

Bottom of the 9th for Saratoga
Amsterdam's Ricky Breymier (Pittsburgh) shut the door on the Phillies, giving up a lead off walk to Tom Luciano (Duke) and then striking out Jordan Wormsley, enticing Dennis O'Grady into a ground out and ending the contest with a strikeout of David Coleman for the 6-3 victory.

Top of the 9th for Amsterdam
Saratoga infielder turned reliever Greg Annarummo got stronger during his second inning of work, sending the Mohawks down 1-2-3 in the top of the ninth.

Bottom of the 8th for Saratoga
Amsterdam sent in right-hander Ricky Breymier (Pittsburgh) in relief for the Mohawks.
He struck out Chris Buss (Old Dominion) and Larry Pempek (Northern Kentucky) before walking Tyler Biddix (Virginia). Dale Alberto (Nova Southeastern) popped out to the shortstop.
Amsterdam, 6-3.

Top of the 8th for Amsterdam
When Saratoga coach Kevin Graber said he was going to have to throw the kitchen sink in the second game on Sunday and the fourth game in less than 48 hours he wasn’t kidding as Elon University right-handed infielder Greg Annarummo took the hill for the Phillies.
He had an up and down inning, with Jay Morris (New Orleans) groundout out to the pitcher and Brendan Rowland (UAlbany) singling to left field and stealing a base.
Annarummo struck out Stosh Hoover (Trinity Tx.), but gave up an RBI triple to Cody Reine (LSU), plating Morris as Amsterdam went up, 6-3. He got out of the inning without any more damage as Nick Punal flew out to short.
Score: Amsterdam 6-3

Bottom of the 7th for Saratoga
Dale Alberto (Nova Southeastern) took one for the team, on the hands, hit by a pitch. He advanced immediately on a wild pitch by new Amsterdam reliever Josh Feit (Brown).
Tom Luciano (Duke) singles through the middle and stole second.
Jordan Wormsley (Vanderbilt) loaded the bases with a four-pitch walk.
Denis O’Grady lined out to the shortstop, but all the base runners remained close to the bag.
David Coleman (Virginia) sent a ball deep to left for a sac fly, scoring Alberto and pulling Saratoga closer, 5-3.
Luciano moved 90 feet close, stealing third base with two out, putting runners on the corners.
Vince Farfaglia (Francis Marion) was fooled on a breaking ball, striking out to end the inning.
Score: Amsterdam, 5-3

Top of the 7th for Amsterdam
Saratoga reliever Sean Lucas (Virginia) continues to be masterful, sending down the Amsterdam batters 1-2-3 fifth consecutive inning.
Score: Amsterdam 5-2

Bottom of the 6th for Saratoga
If I didn’t have bad luck….may be the new campaign for the Saratoga Phillies…
Chris Buss (Old Dominion) leads off with a walk, but is erased on a force out to second on a grounder to short. The throw to first is low and Pempek takes off for second base. The throw to second is in and Pempek gets the safe, then out call by base umpire Mark Fitch. Pempek may have bounded off the base on the hard slide and was still being tagged, precipitating the change in the umpire’s call. The inning ended on a groundout to the pitcher by Tyler Biddix (Virginia).
Score: Amsterdam 5-2.

Top of the 6th for Amsterdam
With just four pitches thrown in the inning, Saratoga catcher Mike Moss was ejected by the home plate umpire who may have taken issue with a comment he made from behind the dish. The ejection now requires Larry Pempek (Northern Kentucky) to return for his second game of the day. He left the first contest this afternoon after being struck on the helmet by a follow through from a batter late in the game and was replaced by Moss.
The day continued to get stranger as Cody Reine (LSU) led off with a single to right after the catching change. When Nick Punal (Brown) grounded to second, Reine was upended as he ran into Saratoga second baseman Denis O’Grady. Both runners are ruled out on the interference call on Reine.
Casey struck out Ricky Pacione (Marist) to end the inning.
Score: Amsterdam 5-2

Bottom of the 5th for Saratoga
New centerfielder Jordan Wormsley (Vanderbilt) reached on an infield hit and Denis O’Grady (Duke) followed with a bloop single to right. David Coleman (Virginia) grounded into a 1-6-3 double play and Vince Farfaglia (Francis Marion) flied out to right.
Score: Amsterdam, 5-2

Top of the 5th for Amsterdam
Saratoga lefty Sean Lucas may not need much more than a catcher and a first baseman, turning three consecutive comebackers to the mound in the top of the fifth, sending the Mohawks down in order, 1-2-3.
Score: Amsterdam, 5-2

Bottom of the 4th for Saratoga
The Phillies drought is over….
David Coleman (Virginia) led off with a single through the right side of the infield. Vince Farfaglia (Francis Marion) followed with a single through the left side of the infield. Chris Buss (Old Dominion) delivers the third consecutive hit of the inning, again through the left side of the infield to load the bases.
Maryland catcher Mike Moss grounded to short, forcing Buss out and the throw to first was in the dirt allowing Moss to advance to second and allow Coleman and Farfaglia to score, cutting the lead, 5-2.
Tyler Biddix (Virginia) sent the ball past the outstretched second baseman, moving Moss to third. Dale Alberto (Nova Southeastern) flied out to short left and Tom Luciano (Duke) grounded into a force out at second.
Score: Amsterdam 5-2.

Top of the 4th for Amsterdam
Things looked good for the Phillies, then in a single instant, terrible.
Nate Holland (Louisville) center fielder was suffering from a sore hip earlier in the contest after hitting the wall on a fly ball. In the fourth, Holland made a fantastic diving catch of a Mark Onorati (Manhattan) fly ball to center. He dove, caught the ball and then writhed in pain, falling on the same hip he may have bruised earlier.
Because of the area involved and the amount of pain he was in an ambulance was summoned to take him to Saratoga Hospital for diagnosis and treatment.
I’ll update you as we get more information on Nate.
He was replaced in centerfield by Jordan Wormsley (Vanderbilt).
Sean Lucas wasn’t effected by the wait, striking out the third batter of the inning after the lengthy injury delay.

Bottom of the 3rd for Saratoga
The bottom of the Phillies batting order is trying to bring the bats around with Dale Alberto (Nova Southeastern) hit a one-out single through the left side followed by Tom Luciano (Duke) who took a one-out walk. The top of the order followed with a strikeout and a groundout to second to end the inning and the threat.
Score: Amsterdam, 5-0.

Top of the 3rd for Amsterdam
Virginia left-hander Sean Lucas came on in relief to start the third inning for Saratoga, replacing starter Dave Batchelder (Saint Peters). Batchelder went two innings, gave up five earned runs on five hits. He walked two batters, struck out two and hit three.
Lucas had success, possibly lifting the spirits of his teammates in the process. He sent the Mohawks down in order, 1-2-3 with two grounders back to the mound and a strikeout.
Score: Amsterdam, 5-0.

Bottom of the 2nd for Saratoga
After a scoreless streak that lasted 19 innings over three games, the Phillies may be headed for another run drought. Saratoga went 1-2-3 in the second inning, taking their latest scoreless streak to six innings and the batters are becoming impatient at the plate.
Vince Farfaglia (Francis Marion) struck out, Chris Buss (Old Dominion) grounded back to the pitcher and Mike Moss (Maryland) struck out looking.

Top of the 2nd, for Amsterdam
The hit parade continued, literally. Saratoga starter Dave Batchelder (Saint Peters) hit the first two batters he faced in the inning, Chris Bisson (Kentucky) and Mark Onorati (Manhattan). He paid the price when Mike Spina (Cincinnati) drilled a two-out RBI double to left, driving in Bisson for a 5-0 lead. Spina left the game a few pitches later after a pickoff attempt by Batchelder. He collided with Saratoga second baseman Denis O’Grady (Duke) and immediately called time. He rolled over, holding his knee, but when attended to pointed to his wrist. He left the field under his own power and was replaced by pinch-runner Jay Morris.
Score: Amsterdam 5-0

Bottom of the 1st
It’s exactly what Saratoga skipper Kevin Graber didn’t want to see, a 1-2-3 inning by his Phillies in a game they desperately need to win.

Top of 1st, Amsterdam up 4-0
The nightmare continued for the Saratoga Phillies Sunday night as the Amsterdam Mohawks scored four runs on three hits to start off the second game of the day all with two outs.
Spencer Korus (Kentucky) reached on a walk from starter Dave Batchelder (St. Peter’s) followed by a single from Mike Spina (Cincinnati). Both scored on a double to the left centerfield wall by Brendan Rowland (UAlbany) for a 2-0 Amsterdam lead. Batchelder then issued a walk to Stosh Hoover (Trinity Tx) and hit Cody Reine (LSU) to load the bases. Nick Punal (Brown) plated Rowland and Hoover for an early 4-0 lead.
Batchelder, the first of what is expected to be several pitchers for Saratoga who are playing their fourth game in less than 48 hours, allowed all four on the three hits, walking two and hitting one batter.

In Sunday’s nightcap between the Saratoga Phillies and the Amsterdam Mohawks, the second contest of the day for both teams who completed a suspended contest from June 10th this afternoon beginning at 3:30 p.m., left-hander Mike Kaczmarek (Kentucky) is expected to start for the Mohawks (5-2) heading into today’s contest.
Kaczmarek comes in with a 3.36 ERA in two appearances with one start. In five innings he's given up four hits, two runs, both earned. He walked one batter and struck out five with the opposition batting .188 against him.

And the starter for Saratoga will be…well… a surprise.
Saratoga (3-4) is expected to throw the kitchen sink at Amsterdam, playing their fourth game in less than 48 hours, using quite a few arms in the process. The Phillies have a well-earned day off on Monday without any scheduled community service projects that are part of their player contracts and expect Saratoga manager Kevin Graber to give his squad off.

The Phillies then have an 11 a.m. contest Tuesday, July 17 at Glens Falls where Saratoga is supporting the Golden Eagles in the Glens Falls Area school district’s reading program.

Phillies hot plate
Eight of the Phillies are currently on hitting streaks, prior to the beginning of the resumed contest Sunday afternoon:
Greg Annarummo (Elon) is on a five-game tear, batting .375 with six hits, three runs scored and two RBI.
Local product, Vince Farfaglia (Francis Marion) is on a four-game streak, 5-for-15 with three runs, two RBI and batting .333.
Nate Holland (Louisville) has a three-game mark in tact, going 5-for-12 with a run, two RBI and batting a hefty .416.
Larry Pempek (Northern Kentucky), Jordan Wormsley (Vanderbilt), Dennis O’Grady (Duke), David Coleman (Virginia) and Mike Moss (Maryland) each have two game hitting streaks.
Note: The most impressive streak may be Wormsley, who went 1-for-1 on Saturday in game two on the road at Bennington, coming up as a pinch hitter in the top of the eight inning and roped a two run double to left giving the Phillies the lead in extra innings.

League leader
J.D. Martinez (Nova Southeastern) continues to lead the league in hitting through his first seven games of the year. He’s atop the NYCBL with a .519 batting average, going 14-for-27 with three home runs, six runs scored and seven RBI along with a .962 slugging percentage.
His numbers could take a big leap today as went 2-for-2 with a two-run home run in the second inning of the suspended contest and his stats become official when the game is completed.

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