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G6 - Phillies at Mohawks: Amsterdam wins 4-1

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Diary of a Mad Sportswriter: G6 - Phillies at Mohawks: Amsterdam wins 4-1

Diary of a Mad Sportswriter

Stan Hudy is a sportswriter for The Saratogian and Community News. He covers high school and youth sports in the Saratoga County area as well as writing a weekly book review on sports books. He's not just a "stick and ball" sportswriter, he's willing to take on any sport as well as any subject.

Friday, June 13, 2008

G6 - Phillies at Mohawks: Amsterdam wins 4-1

Top of the 9th
Saratoga Phillies
New Amsterdam pitcher, Ben Alsup (LSU)
J.D. Martinez 7 (Nova Southeastern) lead off walk. To second on Coleman’s single to left. To third on wild pitch.
Chris Buss ss (Old Dominion) strikes out looking.
David Coleman rf (Virginia) drills shot to left field wall, outfielder leaps, misses, off the wall for a single. To second on wild pitch.
Tyler Biddix 1b (Virginia) struck out looking. Took umbrage with the call or his own indecision.
Kyle Meyer 2b (Marist) drills a shot to centerfield to end the inning and the contest.
Amsterdam win, 4-1.

Bottom of the 8th
New Saratoga pitcher, right-hander Taylor McKinney (Oklahoma State)
Amsterdam Mohawks
Bryce Nugent c (Marist) walks. Scores on Pacione’s RBI triple to righ centerfield. Amsterdam 3-1.
Ricky Pacione 2b (Marist) RBI triple into the gap between center and right field, one hops to the fence. Scores on Onarati single. Amsterdam 4-1.
Chris Bisson 3b (Kentucky) grounds back towards the mound, tips off McKinney’s glove, first baseman Tyler Biddix who tried to apply the tag. Ruled out for running out of the baseline.
Mark Onarati cf (Manhattan) singles down the left field line. Steals second, just getting under the throw from catcher Larry Pempek (Northern Kentucky) and the tag by Chris Buss (Old Dominion). He wasn’t lucky a second time, thrown out by Larry Pempek on a strike out, throw out to third baseman Greg Annarummo (Elon).
Score: Amsterdam 4-1
Phils notes: The book on Mikolas, on the hook for the loss. Two runs on just three hits, two of them solo home runs. He struck out four and walked one.

Top of the 8th
Saratoga Phillies
New Amsterdam pitcher, Luke Nellis (LeMoyne) starts the inning.
Dale Alberto 3b (Nova Southeastern) pinch-hit for. Nate Holland (Louisville) strikes out.
Jordan Wormsley cf (Vanderbilt) walks. Thown out stealing, gunned down by Amsterdam catcher, Bryce Nugent (Marist) for the second out.
Larry Pempek c (Northern Kentucky) strikes out swinging.
Score: Amsterdam 2-1

Bottom of the 7th
Amsterdam Mohawks
Mike Spina 3b (Cincinnati) lead off walk. Forced out at second on Norris groundout for third out.
Brendan Rowland rf (UAlbany) flied out to third.
Cody Reine lf (LSU) flies out to left.
Jay Morris dh (New Orleans) grounds into 6-4 fielder’s choice.
Score: Amsterdam 2-1

Top of the 7th
Saratoga Phillies
Tyler Biddix 1b (Virginia) grounds out deep to second baseman, out at first.
Kyle Meyer 2b (Marist) flies out to left.
Vince Farfaglia dh (Francis Marion) broken bat line drive to left field.
Score: 2-1
Phils notes: The Phillies have gone down 1-2-3 three times, in the fourth, sixth and seventh innings.

Bottom of the 6th
Amsterdam Mohawks
Ricky Pacione 2b (Marist) grounds out to second.
Chris Bisson 3b (Kentucky) grounds out to shortstop.
Mark Onarati cf (Manhattan) singles through left side, past a diving Chris Buss. Steals second.
Spencer Korus 1b (Kentucky) grounds up middle, Buss moves over, throws out at first.
Score: Amsterdam 2-1

Top of the 6th
Saratoga Phillies
J.D. Martinez 7 (Nova Southeastern) grounds out deep to short, long throw, out.
Chris Buss ss (Old Dominion) grounds out to short.
David Coleman rf (Virginia) grounds out to first baseman.
Score: Amsterdam 2-1

Bottom of the 5th
Amsterdam Mohawks
Cody Reine lf (LSU) strikes out swinging.
Jay Morris dh (New Orleans) grounds out to shortstop.
Bryce Nugent c (Marist) grounds out to shortstop.
Score: Amsterdam 2-1

Top of the 5th
Saratoga Phillies
Vince Farfaglia dh (Francis Marion) leads off with a broken bat bloop single over second. To second on Alberto’s grounder.
Dale Alberto 3b (Nova Southeastern) drilled ball down the line, diving stop towards the line by Amsterdam third baseman Mike Spina who manages to get up and throw out Alberto by a half-step.
Jordan Wormsley cf (Vanderbilt) grounds out to second.
Larry Pempek struck out swinging.
Score: Amsterdam 2-1

Bottom of the 4th
Amsterdam Mohawks
Mark Onarati cf (Manhattan) leads off with a home run over the high left field fence, just clearing the Windmill Diner Restaurant sign, 16-feet up, but an attractive left field porch. Amsterdam ahead, 2-1.
Spencer Korus 1b (Kentucky) strikes out swinging.
Mike Spina 3b (Cincinnati) high fly out to centerfield.
Brendan Rowland rf (UAlbany) struck out looking.
Score: 2-1 Amsterdam
Phils notes: Saratoga starter Miles Mikolas may have taken umbrage to Rowland’s earlier home run and giving up the fourth inning offering to Mark Onarati for the only two hits of the contest for Amsterdam.
With Rowland up with two outs, Mikolas’s first offering sailed high and over the head of Rowland, reaching 91 on the radar gun. After a slow curve he threw it inside on Rowland’s hands, hitting the bat just above Rowland’s grip for a foul ball at 90 mph. Another curve followed with, you guessed it, a 92 mph fastball on Rowland’s hands that he fouled away.
The home plate umpire took time between innings to chat with Saratoga skipper Kevin Graber, maybe about the weather….

Top of the 4th
Saratoga Phillies
David Coleman rf (Virginia) comeback to the pitcher, flips to first, one out.
Tyler Biddix 1b (Virginia) pops out in foul territory, caught by the catcher.
Kyle Meyer 2b (Marist) a broken bat grounder to third, thrown out to end the inning.
Score: Tied 1-1

Bottom of the 3rd
Amsterdam Mohawks
Bryce Nugent c (Marist) lead off walk. Forced at second on a nice flip by Chris Buss to Kyle Meyer to get the lead runner for the second out.
Ricky Pacione 2b (Marist) pops out to third.
Chris Bisson 3b (Kentucky) Grounds into 6-4 fielder’s choice. Steals second as Saratoga catcher Larry Pempek’s throw hits him as he slides into second. Bisson took off for third with the ball rolling towards short, second baseman Kyle Meyer made it a footrace, picking up the ball and firing to third in time as Dale Alberto tags the sliding runner atop the helmet to end the inning.
Score: Still tied 1-1

Top of the 3rd
Saratoga Phillies
Jordan Wormsley cf (Vanderbilt) struck out swinging.
Larry Pempek c (Northern Kentucky) grounded out back to the pitcher.
J.D. Martinez 7 (Nova Southeastern) singles through the left side of the infield. His second hit of the night.
Chris Buss ss (Old Dominion) grounds out to short, poor toss to second baseman, forces Martinez out (barely).
Score: 1-1

Bottom of the 2nd
Amsterdam Mohawks
Mike Spina 3b (Cincinnati) grounds out to third.
Brendan Rowland rf (UAlbany) drills a fastball over the top of the 16-foot high left field fence, tying the contest at 1-1.
Cody Reine lf (LSU) struck out swinging.
Jay Morris dh (New Orleans) grounds out to short.
Score: 1-1
Phils notes: Rowland’s home run was his second of the year and also the second home run given up by Saratoga starter Mikolas this season.

Top of the 2nd
Saratoga Phillies
David Coleman rf (Virginia) struck out looking.
Tyler Biddix 1b (Virginia) reaches on fielding error by second baseman, unable to come up with the ground ball. To second on Meyer single. To third on Farfaglia groundout. Scores during Alberto at-bat, ball flipped to pitcher, Forman. He tagged the sliding runner, but the ball popped out of his glove. Saratoga ahead, 1-0.
Kyle Meyer 2b (Marist) singles through the left side. To second on Farfaglia groundout.
Vince Farfaglia dh (Francis Marion) lines down first base line, hit first baseman in chest, ball bounces away, but defender picks up ball and beats runner to the base.
Dale Alberto 3b (Nova Southeastern) strikes out swinging.
Score: Saratoga 1-0
Phils notes: Amsterdam’s Dan Forman hit 86 on the speed gun in the second.

Bottom of the 1st
Amsterdam Mohawks
Chris Bisson 3b (Kentucky) struck out swinging.
Mark Onarati cf (Manhattan) grounder to short, high throw, Tyler Biddix comes down on the bag…in time.
Spencer Korus 1b (Kentucky) grounds out to shortstop.
Score: 0-0
Phils notes: Saratoga starter Miles Mikolas (Nova Southeastern) not afraid to bring it, hitting 86 mph on the radar gun as recorded up here in the press box.

Top of the 1st
Jordan Wormsley cf (Vanderbilt) struck out looking.
Larry Pempek c (Northern Kentucky) long single left, inside the line to wall. To second on Martinez single.
J.D. Martinez 7 (Nova Southeastern) single through the right side.
Chris Buss ss (Old Dominion) grounded into 6U-3 double play.
Score 0-0.
Phils notes: J.D. Martinez (Nova Southeastern) extends his season-opening hitting streak to five games with a single through the right side in his first at-bat Saturday night.

Things are about to get underway here at the new, improved and majestic Shuttleworth Park in Amsterdam.

General manager Brian Spagnola and the organization have continued to invest in the gem of the Mohawk Valley, complete with its newly completed party deck, private lounge along with newly enhanced facilities (bathrooms) and grandstands. It's just a short ride from Saratoga to Amsterdam and well worth the ride to catch the next meeting between these two squads, Tuesday, July 24 or Wednesday July 2.

Here are your starting lineups for tonights NYCBL contest:
Saratoga Phillies (2-2)
Jordan Wormsley cf (Vanderbilt)
Larry Pempek c (Northern Kentucky)
J.D. Martinez 7 (Nova Southeastern)
Chris Buss ss (Old Dominion)
David Coleman rf (Virginia)
Tyler Biddix 1b (Virginia)
Kyle Meyer 2b (Marist)
Vince Farfaglia dh (Francis Marion)
Dale Alberto 3b (Nova Southeastern)

Miles Mikolas p (Nova Southeastern)

Amsterdam Mohawks (4-1)
Chris Bisson 3b (Kentucky)
Mark Onarati cf (Manhattan)
Spencer Korus 1b (Kentucky)
Mike Spina 3b (Cincinnati)
Brendan Rowland rf (UAlbany)
Cody Reine lf (LSU)
Jay Morris dh (New Orleans)
Bryce Nugent c (Marist)
Ricky Pacione 2b (Marist)

Dan Forman p (Manhattan)

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