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Game 10 -Phillies rally, but fall 5-4 to Glens Falls in Tuesday matinee

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Diary of a Mad Sportswriter: Game 10 -Phillies rally, but fall 5-4 to Glens Falls in Tuesday matinee

Diary of a Mad Sportswriter

Stan Hudy is a sportswriter for The Saratogian and Community News. He covers high school and youth sports in the Saratoga County area as well as writing a weekly book review on sports books. He's not just a "stick and ball" sportswriter, he's willing to take on any sport as well as any subject.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Game 10 -Phillies rally, but fall 5-4 to Glens Falls in Tuesday matinee

Top of the ninth, Saratoga
Tyler Biddix (Virginia) lead off walk. Moves over to second on Alberto bunt. Attempts to advance on Luciano grounder, broke late and was thrown out on a delayed call from umpire standing near second base. A slow call from a long look that killed the Phillies rally.
Dale Alberto 3b (Nova Southeastern) sacrifice bunt.
Tom Luciano rf (Duke) slow roller to third, bobbled, beat out to first.
Jordan Wormsley cf (Vanderbilt) struck out swinging.
Score: 5-4 Glens Falls final.

Bottom of the eighth, Glens Falls
Curt Courtwright ss (Missouri State) pop fly to short.
Chad Stang rf (Midland) struck out looking.
Jonathan White lf (Vanderbilt) flies out to left field. The Saratoga Phillies almost had a collision between left fielder David Coleman (Virginia) and centerfielder (Jordan Wormsley).
Score: Glens Falls, 5-4
Note: Saratoga reliever Sean Lucas (Virginia) came on to pitch in the top of the seventh inning.

Top of the eighth, Saratoga
J.D. Martinez dh (Nova Southeastern) grounded out to the shortstop.
Greg Annarummo 1b (Elon) takes a one-out walk.
Ty Hohman 3b (Virginia Tech) long fly out to center.
Dennis O’Grady 2b (Duke) grounded out to second.
Score: Glens Falls, 5-4.
Note: Glens Falls sent right-hander Rich Anaya to the mound for the eighth.

Bottom of the seventh, Glens Falls
Jose Valerio 1b (San Diego) struck out swinging.
Luis Feliz cf (Rutgers) grounded out to shortstop.
Nick McCoy dh (San Diego) hits a flare to right centerfield for a hit. Tom Luciano (Duke) made a diving effort, but didn’t come up with it.
Jonathan Koscso 2b (South Florida) grounds out to second.
Score: Glens Falls, 5-4

Top of the seventh, Saratoga
Ty Hohman (Virginia Tech) infield hit on slow roller to third, bare hand grab come up short. To second on error. Third on Biddix bunt single. Forced out at home on Alberto’s grounder to first.
Dennis O’Grady 2b (Duke) reached on a error by the second baseman. To second Biddix bunt, third on Alberto’s grounder. Scores on Tom Luciano’s two RBI double down the right field line, cutting into lead. Glens Falls, 5-3.
Tyler Biddix (Virginia Tech) bunt single down the third base line to load the bases. To second on Alberto’s grounder. Comes around to score on Luciano’s double down the right field line, bringing Saratoga within one. Glen Falls, 5-4.
Dale Alberto 3b (Nova Southeastern) reaches on a fielder’s choice. To third on Luciano’ double
Tom Luciano rf (Duke) drills a two RBI double down the first base line, fair.
Jordan Wormsley cf (Vanderbilt) grounds out to second.
David Coleman lf (Virginia) grounds out to third, bobbled and long throw gets him by a step to end the inning.
Score: Glens Falls, 5-4

Bottom of the sixth, Glens Falls
Chad Stang rf (Midland) grounded out to second.
Jonathan White lf (Vanderbilt) hit by pitch from Dave Batchelder. Advances on Romero single.
Stefen Romero 3b (Pima CC) sharp grounder off the pitcher’s mound.
Kody Johnson c (Pima CC) grounds to second, throws to shortstop, covers and gets Johnson out.
Score: Glens Falls 5-2

Top of the sixth, Saratoga
The Phillies come to life in the top of the sixth, breaking up the no-hitter by Glens Falls starter Jack Wagoner (Sacred Heart) with an RBI triple by Jordan Wormsley (Vanderbilt). He then scored immediately on a wild pitch by Wagoner to pull Saratoga within three runs, 5-2 Glens Falls.

Dale Alberto 3b (Nova Southeastern) struck out swinging, reaches on dropped third strike. Erased at second, force out at second.
Tom Luciano rf (Duke) reaches on a fielder’s choice. Scores on Jordan Wormsley’s RBI triple to deep left field. Glens Falls ahead, 5-1.
Jordan Wormsley cf (Vanderbilt) long triple to left centerfield, RBI. Scores quickly on a wild pitch by Glens Falls starter Jack Wagoner.
David Coleman lf (Virginia) popped out to short left field, but the Golden Eagles almost had their second collision on a fly ball. Shortstop Curt Courtwright caught the ball with left fielder Jonathan White on his back.
J.D. Martinez dh (Nova Southeastern) two-out single up the middle.
Greg Annarummo 1b (Elon) pops out to first base, ending the rally.
Score: Glens Falls, 5-2.

Bottom of the fifth, Glens Falls
Jose Valerio 1b (San Diego) with a lead off walk. Advances on error by second baseman. To third on a wild pitch. Thrown out at home after a second wild pitch, catcher tosses ball to pitcher Mike Fiers for the out.
Luis Feliz cf (Rutgers) reaches on an error by the second baseman. Advances on a wild pitch. To third on second wild pitch of inning by Saratoga’s Mike Fiers.
Nick McCoy dh (San Diego) walks.
That’s enough for Saratoga skipper Kevin Graber as he comes out to pull Fiers.
Saint Peter’s left-hander Dave Batchelder, a local product, played his high school baseball at Lansingburgh High with the Knights.
Jonathan Koscso 2b (South Florida) grounds down the first base line, tagged out.
Curt Courtwright ss (Missouri State) strikes out.
Score: Glens Falls, 5-0.
The book on Saratoga’s Mike Fiers: 5 1/3 innings pitched, 5 runs, 4 earned on five hits. He walked four, struck out five and hit three batters.

Top of the fifth, Saratoga
Ty Hohman (Virginia Tech) grounded out to short.
Dennis O’Grady (Duke) struck out swinging.
Kyle Meyer (Marist) struck out looking.
Note: Glens Falls starter Jack Wagoner (Sacred Heart) is what we like to refer to in the press box as a “very, very good game.” We don’t want to jinx anything for the Golden Eagle right-hander.
Score: Glens Falls, 4-0

Bottom of the fourth, Glens Falls
Luis Feliz cf (Rutgers) rips a double to the left field corner. Steals third on dropped third strike to Nick McCoy. Scores on Jonathan Koseco RBI single over second. Glens Falls up, 2-0
Nick McCoy dh (San Diego) struck out swinging, dropped third strike, thrown out at first.
Jonathan Koscso 2b (South Florida) RBI single over second base, drives in Luis Feliz. Advances on Curt Courtwright single. To third on Stang fly out to right. Scores on hit by pitch of Romero. Glens Falls up, 3-0.
Curt Courtwright ss (Missouri State) single to right field. Steals second. To third on Romero hit by pitch. Scores on a passed ball by Saratoga catcher Kyle Meyer. Glens Falls up, 4-0.
Chad Stang rf (Midland) flies out to right.
Jonathan White lf (Vanderbilt) walks to load the bases.
Stefen Romero 3b (Pima CC) hit by pitch. RBI forces in Koseco. Kody Johnson c (Pima CC)
Kody Johnson c (Pima CC) strikes out swinging.
Score: Glens Falls, 4-0

Top of the fourth, Saratoga
David Coleman lf (Virginia) ground out to second.
J.D. Martinez dh (Nova Southeastern) struck out swinging.
Greg Annarummo 1b (Elon) stuck out looking.
Score: Glens Falls 1-0

Bottom of the third, Glens Falls
Saratoga starter Mike Fiers gave up a run with two outs in the inning, including two hit batters and a walk, but came away only one run down.
Jonathan Koscso 2b (South Florida) struck out swinging.
Curt Courtwright ss (Missouri State) ground out to third.
Chad Stang rf (Midland) hit by a pitch. Scored on White’s triple.
Jonathan White lf (Vanderbilt) drills a triple down the right field line, plating Stang. Glens Falls up, 1-0.
Stefen Romero 3b (Pima CC) hit by a pitch. Fiers is warned by home plate umpire George Cox who warns both benches. Saratoga coach Kevin Graber comes out to argue against the official warning and Glens Falls skipper John Mayotte argues for the removal of fires and his team’s inability to plunk a pitcher later in the contest.
Edit correction: Graber corrected me in during the post-game interview that Mayotte was arguing for him, that the hit was unintentional and a warning wasn't warranted.
Kody Johnson c (Pima CC) walks to load the bases.
Jose Valerio 1b (San Diego) with bases loaded, flies out to right field.
Score: Glens Falls 1-0.

Top of the third, Saratoga
Dennis O’Grady 2b (Duke) struck out looking.
Kyle Meyer c (Marist) walked, stole second base.
Dale Alberto 3b (Nova Southeastern) popped out to second.
Tom Luciano rf (Duke) walked.
Jordan Wormsley cf (Vanderbilt) struck out.
Score: 0-0

Bottom of the second, Glens Falls
Jose Valero 1b (San Diego) long fly ball to right field.
Luis Feliz cf (Rutgers) struck out looking.
Nick McCoy dh (San Diego) popped out to first baseman.
Score: 0-0

Top of the second, Saratoga
J.D. Martinez (Nova Southestern) long fly out to right centerfield.
Greg Annarummo (Elon) popped out foul territory by third base.
Chris Buss (Old Dominion) lined drive out to first.
Score: 0-0

Bottom of the first, Glens Falls
Chad Stang led off with a double to centerfield, moved to third on a groundout.
Jonathan White grounded back to the pitcher.
Stefen Romero struck out looking (and was not happy about it)
Kody Johnson flew out to centerfield.
Score: 0-0

Top of the first, Saratoga.
Tom Luciano (Duke) struck out swinging, drop third strike, thrown out at first.
Jordan Wormsley (Vanderbilt) high pop fly to short right field. Glens Falls second baseman went out to corral it, almost colliding with right fielder Chad Stang.
David Coleman (Virginia) grounded out to second.
Score: 0-0

Phillies pre-game:
It’s a rare morning start for the Saratoga Phillies and the Glens Falls Golden Eagles Monday morning as the two squads face-off at East Field as part off a Kid’s Reading Reward program.
The stands are filled with youngsters, teachers and chaperones as the groups enjoy a morning of baseball.
The Phillies are looking to turn things around after dropping two to East Division leading Amsterdam Sunday at East Side Rec that was a bizarre night with ejections, interference calls, injuries and reversed calls.
Phils Notes: The squad is making a change in uniform for the contest, giving their home whites and Golden road jerseys, opting for their traditional blues.
The Phillies are opting for a unique line-up today, all out of necessity.
Catcher Mike Moss (Maryland) is unavailable, sitting out a game after being ejected while catching Sunday night by the home plate umpire. Nate Holland (Louisville) is out with a hip injury suffered while diving for a fly ball in the outfield. Catcher Larry Pempek (Northern Kentucky) is also out after taking a follow-through on a swing to the side of the mask. He was removed at the end of the first contest, against his will then pressed into action after Moss was ejected.
With both receivers out, Kyle Meter (Marist) fills in behind the plate as Saratoga starter Mike Fiers (U of Cumberlands) takes to the hill with a 2-0 record, attempting to right the ship for the Phillies today.
Video clips: I spent yesterday in the Ballston Spa bunker, breaking down video, not of my golf swing, but of the Saratoga Phillies. They’re both posted on The Saratogian web-site. One is the Saratoga Phillies introducing themselves to you on video and the second is my favorite, a Father’s Day hello from the players to their dad across the country.

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