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Diary of a Mad Sportswriter: Burnt Hills boys swam compeition on way to title

Diary of a Mad Sportswriter

Stan Hudy is a sportswriter for The Saratogian and Community News. He covers high school and youth sports in the Saratoga County area as well as writing a weekly book review on sports books. He's not just a "stick and ball" sportswriter, he's willing to take on any sport as well as any subject.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Burnt Hills boys swam compeition on way to title

AMSTERDAM – Big players come up big in big games.

It’s been said season after season and on Saturday morning it couldn’t have rung truer then at the Wilbur H. Lynch Middle School Pool during the Section II Small Division boys swimming championships for the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake swimming team.

The Spartans conquered the pool, winning seven different events on their way to a rout of the small school division and raised a sectional championship plaque once again. Burnt Hills was moved up the large school division last year, finishing in fifth place.

The Spartans were led by its seniors, Most Outstanding Swimmer, Bryan Shaver, Jamie Matthews and John MacDonald. The trio captured five individual events and swam legs on two championship relays, with another senior foursome capturing the 200-yard freestyle relay for the school.

Burnt Hills earned 472.50 points, leaving second-place Gloversville in their wake with 295 points followed by Glens Falls with 262.50, Albany Academy 234.50 and Canajoharie with 189.

For Spartan coach Matt Turner the championship plaque was a product of hours in the lanes at Burnt Hills for his senior-laden squad.

“Everybody swam tons of PRs (personal records) today and that’s what its all about,” Turner said. “You train for this, to swim your fastest at the end of the season. That’s our goal.”

Matthews led the Spartans with two individual victories, in the 200-yard individual medley, dropping five seconds from his preliminary time and two seconds in his first-place 100-butterfly event, earning his third trip to the New York State meet in two weeks.

“Three guys going to states, this is the best I’ve seen in all my years,” Matthews said.

Senior Bryan Shaver is grateful to have his second shot at the state meet after winning the 50-freestyle and 100-freestyle along with swimming legs on two winning relays.

“Last year I didn’t do so well, so now I get another shot,” Shaver said. “I’ve still got some school records to break.”

Senior John MacDonald will join his teammates on his inaugural trip to the meet at the Nassau County Aquatic Center.

“I’m excited,” MacDonald said. “At the start of the year the IM (individual medley) was a goal of mine. I wanted to go there and post a fast time.”

Under the qualifying procedure change instituted by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, swimmers could qualify for the state meet during the regular season and the preliminary swims. Previously, state qualifiers were only determined on the championship Saturday. The small school division saw five swimmers qualify on Friday and four more qualify Saturday.

“It’s hard to come back the next day and swim fast,” Turner said. “You have to pick where you are going to do it.”

Section II boys swimming championships
Small school division
Team Totals

1. Burnt Hills 472.50 2. Gloversville 295 3. Glens Falls 262. 50 4. Albany Academy 234.50
5. Canajoharie 189 6. Fonda-Johnstown 181 7. Amsterdam 158 8. RCS 130 9. New Lebanon 117.50 10. Hudson Falls 42 11. Christian Brothers Academy 26 12. Taconic Hills 2.
200-yard medley relay
1. Burnt Hills (Jacob Smith, John MacDonald, Jamie Matthews, Bryan Shaver), 1:43.49.
2. Gloversville, 1:45.36. 3. Glens Falls, 1:46.50.
200-yard freestyle
1. Matt Distler (GF), 1:51.71 2. Mark Hanafin (CANJO), 1:53.81 3. Dlyan Quinn (FOJO), 1:54.14. Local finishers: 4. Mike Young (BH), 1:56.08 5.Douglas McErlean (BH), 1:57.65 6. Bryan Pirrone (BH) 1:58.35, 1:57.93 9.Aaron Pape (BH) 1:57.93.
200-yard IM
1. Jamie Matthews (BH), 2:02.04 Q 2. John MacDonald (BH) 2:04.45 Q 3. AJ Broderick (FOJO) 2:05.30. Local finishers: 7. Ray Amato (BH), 2:18.91.
50-yard freestyle
1. Bryan Shaver (BH), 22.29 Q 2. Dillon Zumbolo (GL), 22.69 3. Dan Godshalk (BH) 22.75.
1 meter diving
1. Josh Morey (GL), 436.05 Q 2. Dustin Conrad (GL), 372,00 3.Darrin Spriy (GL), 361.55 4. Nate Quinn (FOJO), 345.50 5. Tyler Kale (GL), 328.60 6. Bobby Kline (BH),
306. 50 Mike Burch (GF), 290.00 8. Matt Pinocchio (GF), 227.00.
100-yard butterfly
1. Jamie Matthews (BH) 53.39 Q 2. Dillon Zumbolo (GL), 56.36 3. Jacob Smith (BH), 56.49. Local finishers: 6. Ray Amato (BH), 59.66 7. Mike Young (BH), 59.74.
100-yard freestyle
1. Bryan Shaver (BH), 49.40 2. Dan Godshalk (BH), 50.52 3. Joe O’Connor (AA), 51.46. Local finishers: 6. Douglas McErlean (BH), 53.42.
500-yard freestyle
1. Kevin Burns (RCS), 4:57.62 Q 2.Matt Distler (SGF),5:03.34 3. John MacDonald (BH), 5:03.60. Local finishers: 5. Bryan Pirrone (BH), 5:11.99 8. Aaron Pape, 5:24.79.
200-yard freestyle relay
1. Burnt Hills (Dan Godshalk, Mike Young, Ray Amato, Jacob Smith), 1:33.76 2. Glens Falls, 1:34.63 3. Albany Academy, 1:36.26.
100-yard backstroke
1. Kevin Burns (RCS), 1:04.12 2. Jon Raad (GL), 1:07.24 3. Lucas Hass (AA), 1:07.24. Local finishers: 7. Jacob Smith (BH) 1:25.01. 10. Mike Smith 1:07:56.
100-yard breaststroke
1. AJ Broderick (FOJO), Q 1:03.91 2. Ethan McCoski (AMST), 1:06.96 3. Peter Lowe (GF), 1:06.96. Local finishers: 11. Bobby Kline (BH), 1:13.05 13. Quinn Leahy (BH), 1:13.76.
400-yard freestyle relay
1. Burnt Hills (Tyler Slocum, Dan Godshalk, Jamie Matthews, Bryan Shaver), 3:22.16 2. Fonda-Johnstown (Dylan Quinn, Nate Quinn, AD Broderick, Seth Mitchell), 3:33.56
3. Canajoharie (Ray Renzi, Ryan Hudyncia, Mark Hanifin, Riley Smith), 3:35.18.
New York State Meet qualifiers
Diving – Josh Morey (GL), 436.05. 200-yard IM – Jamie Mathews (BH), 2:02.04: John MacDonald (BH), 2:04.45. 50-yard freestyle – Bryan Shaver (BH), 22.29. 100-yard butterfly – Jamie Matthews (BH), 53.39. 500-yard freestyle – Kevin Burns (RCS), 4:57.62. 100-yard freestyle – Bryan Shaver (BH), 48.57. 100-backstroke – Kevin Burns (RCS), 55:00: Jacob VanEtten (RCS), 56.91. 100-breaststroke – A.J. Broderick (FOJO).

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