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Diary of a Mad Sportswriter: May 2007

Diary of a Mad Sportswriter

Stan Hudy is a sportswriter for The Saratogian and Community News. He covers high school and youth sports in the Saratoga County area as well as writing a weekly book review on sports books. He's not just a "stick and ball" sportswriter, he's willing to take on any sport as well as any subject.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Local singles go 1-2 in nation

Just like Rocky Balboa and Appolo Creed, two heavyweights, Shaker's Austin Meyer and Queensbury's Austin Meyer went head to head in the boys national singles final.

On Saturday, it was the lightweight, Meyer, taking the title and becoming Shaker's first-ever national rowing champion.

Elihu added to upstate New York's medal count, capturing the silver medal in the event.

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Shen ltwt four girls golden

With the grace and skill that led them throughout their careers, the Shenendehowa girls lightweight four raced their way to a gold medal finish, best in the nation.

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Heros and heartbreak

Just a few minutes after the girls freshman eight became the second fastest boat in the nation, the heartbroken girls learned that the boys junior four became national champions.

If that wasn't enough excitement for the Saratoga parents, the girls second varsity eight rowed their way to a gold medal.
One word...WOW!

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SRAAs Shen jr double 6th in nation

The Friends of Shenendehowa Crew, Inc. boys junior double of Stuart Horstman and Murtaza Zavery finished third in their semifinal and finished sixth in the nation Saturday afternoon.

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SRAAs SRA jv girls 8 advance

With a shore filled with teammates that painted their bellies spelling out "Yeah Saratoga" and me in the water to get a delightful photo (don't worry Honey, I used the back-up camera) the Saratoga girls junior eight of coxswain Andrea Bambara, Aleks Torres, Shannon Craig, Kate Russell, Madi Beumer, Caitlin Shufelt, Columbia Herzlinger, Holly Dodge and Courtney Krueger rowed to a first-place finish advancing to a quickly approaching 1:30 national championship final.

I suggested that the SRA mom's show support with their own belly spelling for the national finals, but the jury is still out if that will happen.

We have a break until the 1 pm girls freshman final.

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SRAAs SRA jr boys 4 advance

The Saratoga boys junior four of coxswain Reeves Courtney, Jarod Backens, Jonathan Sutton, Colin Walsh and Sebastian Wheeler know how to make things interesting.
With a lead from the start, the group started its sprint late, allowing the packto sneak up at the finish line.
It didn't make a difference as the boys captured the semifinal and advance to the national final at 1:25 pm.

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SRAA Shen girls ltwt 4 advance

The Shen girls lightweight four of coxswain Dan Knorr, Abby Knight, Danielle Clinton, Emily Callen and Jackie Postulka were finally challenged, but it took a national level regatta to do it.
The lightweights finished second with a multi-horn finish for the top four boats.
The top three advance to the 1:40 national championship final.

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SRAA SRA senior four 5th in semis

The Saratoga's senior four of coxswain Tom Corona, Jeff Schumann, Pete D'Arcy, Peter Snyder and Adam Abdel-Jaouad still have one row left in them.
The boat faced a tough class in its semifinal, finishing fifth and advancing to the third final at 2:55 pm.

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SRAAs SRA boys jr 4s advance

If their semifinal was any indication the national final for coxswain Reeves Courtney, Jarod Backens, Jonathan Sutton, Colin Walsh and Sebastian Wheeler will be a barn burner.
The boat captured its semifinal, but had the next two boats breathing down its gunnels.
National final set for 1:25 pm.

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BH girls quad out...

It may have been wishful thinking on my part, but the SRAA did run the second semifinal of the girls senior quad with three boats.
The Burnt Hills girls senior quad of Lizz Metz, Crystal Dussault, Karen VanStavern and Julianne Fogg would have received a free pass if it was a heat, but their third place finish ended their day.

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SRAAs Saturday's lineup

Good morning from the shores of the Cooper River in Cherry Hill, NJ. It continues to be sunny with flat water, but could be more humid than yesterday.

Here is today's lineup with a mix of results:

8:10/8:15 am To no one's surprise it will be a local national final as Queensbury's Elihu Reynolds and Shaker's Austin Meyer advanced with first-place finishes by open water.
They will go head to head one more time this year at 2:15 pm side by side in the middle of the course.

8:35 am The Friends of Shenendehowa Crew, Inc. boys junior double of Stuart Horstman and Murtaza Zavery finished third in their semifinal, advancing to today's 12:55 pm national final.

9:05 am The Shen boys senior double of Ian Fisher and Joshua Paul Johnson failed to advance out of their heat.

9:20 am Mowhawk Homeschools boys junior quad we allowed to compete in an 11th hour decision failed to advance with a fifth-place finish.

9:25 am Niskayuna's girls junior quad of Imbi Salassoo, Marissa Maddio, Sara Cordeman and April Zhang failed to advance out of its semifinal.

9:40 am The Burnt Hills girls senior quad of Lizz Metz, Crystal Dussault, Karen VanStavern and Julianne Fogg have a pass into the final courtesy of a scratch of Cincinnati Country Day. The final is set for 2:30 pm.

10 am The Saratoga boys junior four of coxswain Reeves Courtney, Jarod Backens, Jonathan Sutton, Colin Walsh and Sebastian Wheeler continue their march towards a national championship. A third place finish advances the to the 1:25 pm national final.

10:30 am The boys have the stage again as Saratoga's senior four of coxswain Tom Corona, Jeff Schumann, Pete D'Arcy, Peter Snyder and Adam Abdel-Jaouad must finish in the top two to advance to the national final at 3:05. The next level finishers advance to petite or third finals.

10:35 am The Shen girls lightweight four of coxswain Dan Knorr, Abby Knight, Danielle Clinton, Emily Callen and Jackie Postulka need a top three but aren't used to losing, so expect them to be first in their semifinal and prepare for another national title race at 1:40 pm

11:10 am Its a local elimination final in the girls junior eight as Saratoga and Shaker race for glory in a grand final. Only the top three move on.
Saratoga will rely on coxswain Andrea Bambara, Aleks Torres, Shannon Craig, Kate Russell, Madi Beumer, Caitlin Shufelt, Columbia Herzlinger, Holly Dodge and Courtney Krueger to power them to the 1:30 final.
Shaker's eight of coxswain Bridget Hilton, Anna Colquhoun, Jess Niles, Madison Brannigan, Patty Shen, Amanda Urquhart, Shannon Rivenburg, Stephanie June and Christie Chenot are looking to make a name for the Shaker program.

1 pm This could the coronation of "Generation Next".
Saratoga's girls freshman eight of Kierra Hines, Alie Mihuta, Kristen Nochisaki, Taylor Murray, Chantal Jean, Carly Samach, Christina Dagle, Alyssa Penfold want to prove they are the next group of national champions coming out of the Saratoga Boathouse.

Stay tuned for updates and the crowning of national champions.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

SRAAs SRA boys four advance

The Saratoga boys lightweight four boat, racing up in class as a junior boat against heavier, stronger competition overcame a 3-hour delay to advance to Saturday's semifinals.
Coxswain Reeves Courtney, Jarod Backens, Jonathan Sutton, Colin Walsh and Sebastian Wheeler captured their heat, besting Bonner and Denis Morris for the top spot.
The Shaker girls senior four of Michele Grenier, Jine Andreozzi, Madeline Campbell, Emilie Thorn and coxswin Elaina Bassett were bested by McLean and Nutley.

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Senior eights outs of SRAAs

It was tough to swallow, but on some days there will be someone faster than you and your boat. Three Section II boats failed to advance to the semifinals or repechage events today.

The Saratoga and Burnt Hills girls senior eights had their final rows of the season and the Shaker boys put its boat on the trailer.

The Saratoga senior entry of Dana Coleman, Rachel Conway, Asleigh Bell, Katie Conway, Sarah Kreuger, Sarah Otto, Justina Bruno, Christina Giamusso and Kathleen Ronayne fell behind Mt. St, Joe's, St. Andrews and Atlantic City.

The Burnt Hills Rowing senior eight of coxswain Rachel Buff, Kate Halbig, Christine Crawford, Katie Fogg, Jackie Esperti, Jesse Burdett, Joanna Smith, Kayla Ramsey and Hannah Ross were beaten out by St. Ursula Academy, Winter Park and Robinson.

The Shaker seniors boys eight of Dave Zimmerman, Nick Brennan, Colin Horn, Kingsley Nephew, Justin Bassett, Pavel Sidorenko, Ray Milnarik, Jim Aram and coxswain Kate Everitt fell to powers Thomas Jefferson and Gonzaga.

The Niskayuna senior girls advanced with a fifth-place finish and the Burnt Hills boys senior stunned the regatta with a third-place finish behind powers St. Joseph's Prep and Chaminade.

Niskayuna will send coxswain Andrea Daley, Erin Roche, Cassie Vogel, Jackie Fogarty, Haley Sive, Leslie Cutting, Sally O'Brien, Kelly Zebrowski and Emma Ladoceur move up in class for another tough row.

The Burnt Hills boys senior eight of coxswain Matt Sammons, Zack Bell, Tom Urbanski, Andy Sales, Aaron Heyde, Glen Haiden, Curt Shorkey, Ian Robinson and James Flacke have a chance for a semifinal appearance with a top three finish this afternoon.

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SRA sr. boys four advancing

My eyes didn't fail me this time as the Saratoga boys senior four of coxswain Tom Corona, Jeff Shuman, Pete D'Arcy, Pete Snyder and Adam Abdel-Jaouad crossing with the pack and advancing to today's repechage at 3:30 pm. In the rep, Saratoga must be in the top three to advance to Saturday's semis.

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SRAA Disappointment for SRA girls second eight

The Saratoga girls second eight won't have fond memories of today's race. They we unseeded and placed in a heat with rowing powers Mt. St. Joseph, Bishop Eustace and Layola.

With only the top two boats advancing to Saturday's final, Saratoga was the first SRA entry eliminated from racing today.
The entry of coxswain Emily Krison, Vanessa Dean, Julianna Wakeman, Kaitlyn McGowan, Anna Card, Jamie Logan, Margo Albrezi and Amanda Shaffer will now cheer on the shore for their teammates.

It appeared to be an upset when the Niskayuna entry of coxswain Arie Nathan, Ariel Shapiro, Maryrose Clark, Amanda Barmash, Caitlin Horgan, Asling Sive, Jenna Lohr, Meghan Hanks and Karoline Hart followed the Thomas Jefferson entry across for second and a chance to row in Saturday's final. But the electronic eye was better than my site line after the finish line. Niskayuna was relegated to the trailer.

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SRAA SRA girls jr 8 win, Shaker qualify for semifinal

The Saratoga girls junior eight of coxswain Andrea Bambara, Aleks Torres, Shannon Craig, Kate Russell, Madi Beumer, Caitlin Shufelt, Columbia Herzlinger, Holly Dodge and Courtney Krueger rowed the 1,500-meter course in five minutes, 13.20 seconds, advancing to Saturday's semifinal.
The Saratoga boat led rivals City Honors and St. Anthony's across the line. All three will meet again Saturday morning.

Shaker's eight of coxswain Bridget Hilton, Anna Colquhoun, Jess Niles, Madison Brannigan, Patty Shen, Amanda Urquhart, Shannon Rivenburg, Stephanie June and Christie Chenot finished third, qualifying for the morning semifinal.

The Saratoga boys junior four waited on the water for its race, but four different boats sustained rudder damage on their way up to the start. A rock under water near the shore prevented two of the heats. The races were moved to after 1:15 pm today.

Up next the girls second eights with Niskayuna and Saratoga in heats.

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SRAAs SRA girls frosh in, BH out

The addition of Archbishop Prendergast to the girls frehman eight put more pressure on the competitors as only two boats advance. The rest put their shells on the trailer.
Saratoga was bested by unseeded Yorktown, but looked strong and confident taking second with more than enough in the tank for Saturday afternoon's national final.
Burnt Hills came across in the final spot, ending their year.
Next up Saratoga's junior four at 10 am.

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Friday's SRAA race line-up

Here's the start and advance races for today's racing of the SRAAs on the Cooper River in Cherry Hill, NJ.

9:05 am Girls freshman eight
Saratoga and Burnt Hills share the heat as the No. 2 and No. 5 seeds. They take on Yorktown, Mathews, Marion Mercy and New Trier.
Consider this a winner take all as only the top two boats advance to the finals.

10 am Boys junior four
Saratoga is the No. 6 seed and only needs to beat two boats across the finish line to advance to Saturday's semifinals.

10:15g/10:25 am Girls junior eight
Saratoga is No. 2 and is expected to advance, needing only to beat one of the other three boats to the finish to move on to Saturday's semifinal.
Shaker is No. 4 and can the same two races later.

10:50/11 am Girls second eight
Niskayuna and Saratoga are both unseeded in its six-boat races. No guarantees as only the top two advance to Saturday's final.

11:45 am Girls senior four
A casual race for unseeded Shaker, simply don't row slow. The winner goes directly to semis, the rest to today's repechage.

12:15 pm Boys senior four
No. 6 Saratoga is looking to jump into the semis with a win or 2-5 puts them in today's 3:30 pm repechage. A sixth puts the shell on the trailer.

12:30/12:35/12:45 Girls senior eight
The locals are spread out in three separate heats. Top boat gets the rest of the day off, pacers go again at 3:50 and losers go home. Order of heats, Saratoga, Burnt Hills and Niskayuna.

12:50/1 Boys senior eights
Unseeded Burnt Hills drew St. Joe's Prep and Chaminade along with City Honors. They will need to best Westfield or Fairport.
Shaker didn't get any favors with only a five boat draw with Thomas Jefferson and Gonzaga in their heat. Reps are 4:10 today.

2:15 pm Girls lightweight four
Shenendehowa is the No. 1 seed and can relax as the top three advance to Saturday morning's semis. A fast time gets them a better seed in the semi.

That's the prelims.

The rules in rowing are simple..."Row hard and live long," - Ben Hur

Good luck to all boats.

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Happy Birthday SRA's Sarah Otto

Saratoga senior varsity rower Sarah Otto is planning on big things today at the SRAA's.
It's the second year in a row that she will be celebrating a birthday at the national regatta.
She'll be rowing in the four seat of the girls senior varsity eight.
Her race gets underway at 12:30 pm with the winner of the heat advancing directly to the semifinals Saturday. The remaining boats, less the last place finisher advance to the repechage race at 3:50 pm today.
Good luck to the entire boat!

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hair a part of crew for Saratoga Rowing

The Saratoga Rowing Association girls freshman eight took a page from the history books of a previous champion, the 2002 SRA girls freshman national champions, braiding their hair.

The nine girls all braided their hair in corn rows in a showing of solidarity among the boat.

They looked a lot better than their male counterparts who shaved their heads at the US Youth Rowing Invitational prior to the finals. They looked more like escaped convicts than intimidating rowers in the chilly weather last year in Cincinnati.

My votes are for the girls.

Let's see if the braids help with the boat's speed and if "Generation Next" lives up to its billing as the next generation of national champions for the SRA.

Racing begins at 9 a.m. Saturday.

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SRAAs Mohawk Homeschool allowed in

After some terse e-mails, phone calls and apparently a letter from an attorney for the Mohawk Homeschool Rowers, the three boats that competed successfully at the New York State Scholastic Rowing Association regatta two weeks ago were allowed to compete at the Scholastic Rowing Association of America National Regatta this weekend in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

With rumors of a threat of a potential injunction shutting down the two-day event open to high school crews, SRAA President Lee West allowed the three Mohawk boats to compete.

The SRAA rules are aimed at providing crews that compete for one high school entity, Saratoga, Burnt Hills, Shenendehowa, etc. to face each other. Other rowing organizations such at Community Rowing Inc. (CRI) out of Boston and Oakland Strokes from California cast a wide net over several large communities to pull talent together to form teams. These "club" teams have their own national championship, the US Rowing Youth Invitational in Cincinnati, Ohio in June.

So what's the big deal?

Simple, money and convenience.

The Cincinnati trip is expensive, two days by charter bus, 700 miles over the road, expensive to fly to and has average to low attendance along with stiffer competition. Add to it the date, the first week of June, unless you're a senior in high school, this is not the time to be away for six days.

All of those points were confirmed by Niskayuna coach Matt Hopkins who helped create the Mohawk Homeschool program and was the voice of the organization on Thursday.

The SRAA argument, and my own is that the New York State Public High School Athletic Association doesn't permit home schoolers to play for their home school district interscholastic sports programs. No attendance in their brick buildings, no varsity letters. Other states have allowed home schoolers to participate within the school district boundaries, but not New York.

The New York State Scholastic Rowing Association has recognized Mohawk Homeschool as a scholastic team and allows them to compete at the state tournament. The challenge is the power of the NYSPHSAA carries a lot more weight than a rowing organization focusing on its own sport. Hence the term "governing body" for the NYSPHSAA.

The Mohawk Homeschoolers won the battle, but may have lost the war. Their lawyer got one by on the SRAA this year, but both sides now have a full year to decide how the rules are applied across the board.

Hopkins was all smiles about his victory, but for was the win worth a black eye for all of New York State's homeschoolers, rowers and non-rowers alike?

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On the shores of the Cooper River

After a couple of hours of quality time inside the Saratoga Rowing Association truck, hauling 16 boats for Saratoga, Burnt Hills and Shenendehowa, I found shade at the finish line for the Scholastic Rowing Association of America this weekend.

The Saratoga rowers are due any minute, but all the other Section II teams have already made it to Camden, NJ.

I big thanks goes out to Kevin Piotti and his Edgewater (Orlando, Fla) Crew boys four that helped unload several of the shells due to the lack of rower power. (I was of very little help.)

The course looks great, but tomorrow is expected to be 91 degrees and sunny, Saturday 89 and partly cloudy. Not what I signed up for and I'm sure it could effect the rowers.

In a quick conversation with Shenendehowa athletic trainer Rick Knizek and all-around good guy, he said water today, tonight and during their practice rows. After that Gatorade Rain or regular Gatorade split 50-50 with water for dinner and before bed. After that all water during the racing action and repeat again tomorrow.

I expect at least one breaking news story to be confirmed tonight with potentially more on the way, just looking to confirm a few more sources.

I'll post the boats and race times later tonight along with some other pieces.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Softball pairings...finally released

After a previous promise of an early afternoon arrival of the Section II softball seeding charts, a wasted afternoon filled with anticipation followed by a screeching sports editor and several frantic phone calls throughout Section II's phone tree, the brackets were finally e-mailed to the office at 8:30 p.m.

Locally, the South Glens Falls and Mechanicville girls softball squads each received top seeds in the Section II softball tournament, which began Tuesday with play-in games. Shenendehowa, Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake and Saratoga Catholic each received the No. 2 spots in the brackets.

This should be a simple system with the Section II committee utilizing a mathematical formula for seeding teams. What makes it even more puzzling is that each league has a meeting prior to Tuesday to determine how their individual teams should be seeded within their league. The Section II meeting is limited only to league individuals, not 50-plus coaches complaining about their individual plights.

What makes the system even more of gem is that the committee decides early in the day on Tuesday, what teams will be required to play in "preliminary" contests or what is code for play-in games. They then hit the phone banks at their location, school or hotel and call the coaches to tell them that they need to be at the Clifton Common for a 3 p.m. game and by the way, he's who you'll be playing.

So much for scouting the opposition.

I asked the co-chairperson if I could stop by at 1 p.m. to pick up a copy of the bracket sheets, just to take one news outlet off their list. Not necessary I was told, confirming my personal e-mail address and the newspaper's fax machine.

Tick..Tick..Tick..As of 11:45 p.m. I still didn't receive the fax or the e-mail to my e-mailbox.

If parents, players and coaches want coverage of their son's and daughter's contest, they need to realize that they need to communicate these important dates and times to the media outlets. If they get on board with that, then they have a much better argument for demanding coverage.

With that said, here are the 2007 Section II Softball pairings..

May 23 preliminary results
No. 9 Colonie def. No. 8 Saratoga Springs, 6-4
No. 6 Columbia def. No. 11 Amsterdam, 12-0
No. 10 Niskayuna def. No. 7 Catholic Central, 13-0
May 24 quarterfinals
No. 1 Troy (12-) vs. No. 9 Colonie (9-6) at Veeder Park Colonie, 3 p.m.
No. 4 Schenectady (10-2) vs. No. 5 Shaker (11-3) at Clifton Common, 3 p.m.
No. 3 Queensbury (12-2) vs. No. 6 Columbia (10-5) at Clifton Common, 3 p.m.
No. 2 Shenendehowa (14-0) vs. No. 7 Niskayuna (9-6) at Veeder Park Colonie
May 29 semifinals - Clifton Common, 3 p.m.
June 1 Section II final - Clifton Common, 5 p.m.

May 24 quarterfinals
No. 1 South Glens Falls (14-0) vs. Scotia (6-8) at Adirondack Sports Complex
No. 4 Lansingburg (12-4) vs. No. 5 Glens Falls (9-5) at Adirondack Sports
No. 3 Ichabod Crane (18-0) vs. No. 6 Holy Names (10-6) at Veeder Park Colonie
No. 2 Burnt Hills (10-4) vs. No. 7 Ravena (9-7) at Veeder Park Colonie
May 29 semifinals - Clifton Common, 3 p.m.
June 1 Section II final - Clifton Common, 5 p.m.

May 23 preliminary contests
No. 8 Hudson (11-7) vs. No. 9 Voorheesville (9-7), at Clifton Common
No. 4 Granville (10-4) vs. No. 13 Coxsackie-Athens (9-9) at Clifton Common
No. 5 Tamarac (10-4) vs. No. 12 Taconic Hills (10-7) at Colonie, 3 p.m.
No. 6 Cohoes (11-5) vs. No. 11 Broadalbin-Perth (8-6) at Adirondack Sports
No. 7 Greenville (11-6) vs. No. 10 Fonda (10-7) at Veeder Park Colonie
May 25 quarterfinals
No. 1 Chatham (15-3) vs. Hudson/Voorheesville winner at Veeder Park Colonie
Granville/Coxsackie winner vs. Tamarac/Taconic Hills at Veeder Park Colonie
No. 3 Schuylerville (10-4) vs. Cohoes/Broadalbin-Perth winner at Morse Field
No. 2 Saratoga Catholic (15-3) vs. Greenville/Fonda winner at Morse Field
May 30 semifinals - Clifton Common, 3 p.m.
June 1 Section II final - Clifton Common, 5 p.m.

May 23 quarterfinals
No. 1 Mechanicville (15-1) bye
No. 4 Lake George (12-2) vs. No. 5 Mayfield (14-4) at Adirondack Sports
No. 3 Corinth (12-2) vs. No. 6 Canajoharie (9-8) at Veeder Park Colonie, 3 p.m.
No. 2 Hoosic Valley (14-0) vs. No. 7 Hoosick Falls (6-8) at Adirondack Sports
May 25 semifinals
Mechanicville vs. Lake George/Mayfield winner at Clifton Common, 3 p.m.
Corinth/Canajoharie winner vs. Hoosic Valley/Hoosick Falls Clifton Common
May 30 Section II final - Clifton Common, 3 p.m.

May 22 preliminary results
No. 8 Luzerne def. Berlin, 4-3
No. 7 Warrensburg def. Germantown
May 23 quarterfinals
No. 1 Duanesburg (17-0 vs. No. 8 Luzerne (8-7) at Clifton Common, 3 p.m.
No. 4 Waterford (14-2) vs. No. 5 Schoharie (10-5) at Veeder Park, 3 p.m.
No. 3 Argyle (11-4) vs. No. 6 Loudonville Christian (14-2) at Adirondack
No. 2 Fort Plain (14-3) vs. No. 7 Warrensburg (6-9) at Clifton Common, 3 p.m.
May 25 Semifinals - Clifton Common, 3 p.m.
May 30 Section II final -Clifton Common, 3 p.m.

May 29 semifinals
No. 1 Fort Ann (14-1) vs. No. 4 New Lebanon (7-9), at Clifton Common, 3
No. 3 Heatly (6-10) vs. No. 2 Hartford (8-7), at Clifton Common, 3
June 1 Section II final - Clifton Common, 5 p.m.

All semifinal and final contests will be held at the Clifton Common and will carry a $6 admission fee per person.

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Galvin becomes No. 1 again for Corinth

Ed Galvin knows what it takes to be No. 1.

The Corinth High School senior destroyed the school’s career wrestling win mark by 28 victories with 163 and owns the single-season victory total with 43. He is also the school’s only four-time Section II Class D champion.

On Monday morning, Galvin added another first for the current Corinth administration, signing his National Letter of Intent for Division I athletics.
Galvin has officially committed to wrestle at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn., next year.

“It’s a proud feeling to know that Eddie has been so successful and his transition and growth has been a nice thing to watch,” Corinth High School principal Brian Testani said at the signing.

Joining Galvin were his wrestling coach, Dick Whitaker, his mother, Kristie Ecuyer,
school superintendent Dr. Daniel Starr and high school counselor, Sarah Rust.
Galvin, along with his parent’s signature on the National Letter of Intent, commits him to the Connecticut University and informs other institutions that his search is over.

Galvin stumbled across Sacred Heart while visiting Adirondack Community College during its annual college day.
“Sacred Hart just kind of popped out,” Galvin said. “I started looking into the college and I saw that Andy Seras was the coach, and I’ve known Andy from different camps. I visited last June on Junior Day and went in October for an official visit.
“I really like the campus,” Galvin a criminal justice major said. “It was amazing. I hung out with all the wrestlers and had a great time. I liked everything about it.”

Galvin is ready to start a new chapter in his life and wrestling career.
“I’m definitely ready, I can’t wait to go,” Galvin said. “I’ll have to manage my time between practices, working out and stuff with studying.”

When not managing his time, he’s restarting his college career win total at zero.
“I’m going to have to train really hard, its going to be my freshman year all over again,” Galvin said. “The wresters are going to be older and more experienced, stronger and stuff. I’ll have to work pretty hard to keep up with them.”

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Albany-Saratoga Speedway quick results

Modified feature
Jack Johnson added to his win total, 90, as the wiiningest driver at Albany-Saratoga Speedway. He took his Witz Roofing No. 12A to the front of the field and led the way around for the final 32-laps.
Johnson cashed in on several fronts, the $100 AAA Northway bonus, $50 NYSSCA bonus night along with the $500 Salisbury Chevrolet "Beat Brett Hearn Bonus" paid out in victory lane along with his winner's share.
Kenny Tremont Jr. did his best imitation of Kentucky Derby winner Street Sense, moving up from his 27th starting position to finish second.
NOTE: Four cars failed to make minimum weight after the race. Victims of a lean racer were: George Foley, Don Mattison, Tony Kawalchuk and Mike Perrotte.

Sportsman feature
25 laps
Dick Bisson foiund his way into victory lane after a three year hiatus. His Bisson Excavating No. 12 held off Mike Ketchum for the win.

Budget sportsman feature
Queensbury's Paul Dunham rebounded from a blwn engine the first time out with his Kullman Contracting No. 76 to capture his first win at The Great Race Place.
He outlasted Fred Kruger who challenged for the lead on the frontstretch during lap 15, but went into the pits with a flat tire two laps later, ending the threat.

Pro Street feature
25 laps
Albany-Saratoga's first lady, Lori Cary, battled from the second spot for 21 laps but was awarded the lead after race leader Dan Madigan was sent to the back for slow starting late in the race.
Cary's Garrity Asphalt Reclaiming No. 94 then had to sontend with Cale Kneer for the final circuits, going side-by-side to the checkers. It was the electronic scoring system that declared Cary the victor by a bumper.

Limited feature
20 laps
Mark Burch and his North Country Janitorial No. 76 opened up hid full fender car and held off the field for a full 20 laps earning his second career victory.
NOTE: His joy was short-lived. His car was disqualified for an illegal right rear tire. He lost this year's points and earned a 30-day racing suspension.

Mini Stock feature
15 laps
Phil DiFiglio is perfect this year, winning his fourth straight 6-cylinder feature at Albany-Saratoga and a feature last week at Lebanon Valley. He lost some throttle in the Schodack Auto No. 28 after lap four but had enough power to lead the field to the checkers.
Clifton Park teenager Brette Osgood won his second feature of the year, but should be able to enjoy this win. His car was inspected and then impounded two weeks ago after his first win. His Gary's Auto Body No. 20 was released the next day without penalty.

Stan Hudy

Saints take over No. 1 spot in baseball poll

Saratoga Central Catholic has leapfrogged their way to the top of the New York State Sportswriters Baseball Poll released yesterday.

The Saints (13-1) moved up from the No. 3 spot in the May 10 listing to the top spot in the Class B rankings. Chatham is the only other Section II team ranked in the Class B poll at No. 8. Also making a move in the baseball rankings were Greenwich (14-2), moving from No. 3 to No. 2 in Class C. Section IV’s Oxford moved up from No. 2 to the top spot this week. Fort Plain is ranked No. 11 in the same poll.

On the girls side, the South Glens Falls (12-0) softball squad remained as the No. 3 team in the Class A rankings at No. 3. In front of the Bulldogs and unchanged is Section V Victor (19-1) at No. 2 and Section VI’s Williamsville-South No. 1 at 16-
0. Also ranked from Section II are Ichabod Crane (15-1) at No. 9 and Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake (14-5) at No. 13.

Shenendehowa (17-1-1) moved up to No. 4 in the Class AA rankings, completing another undefeated season within the Suburban Council yesterday with a 3-0 win over Saratoga
Springs. Ahead of the Plainsmen are Section VI Kenmore West (12-0) at No. 3, Troy High (18-0) at No. 2 and Secton III’s Cicero-North Syracuse (16-2) at No. 1.

In Class B, Schuyerville (11-4) is the lone Section II team ranked this week at No. 16.

In Class C, it’s a local battle within the rankings as Mechanicville (16-1) holds the No. 6 spot ahead of Hoosic Valley (13-0) at No. 7. Duanesburg (13-2) holds
the No. 14 spot in the class with Corinth (12-2) at No. 20.

On a personal note, my alma mater, Hancock (14-2), a tiny hamlet in Section IV along Route 17 between Binghamton and Monticello is ranked No. 6 in the girls Class D poll.


For a complete listing go to

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Emily Layden All-America Honorable Mention

Saratoga Springs senior midfielder Emily Layden has been selected as an All-America Honorable Mention at tonight's Section II Girls Lacrosse Committee meeting.

The Stanford-bound senior currently leads all six of the selections in points this season with 60 goals and 31 assists for 91 points in her final season with the Blue Streaks.
Layden was joined as an honorable mention by Shaker senior midfielder Abigail Rehfuss (58-22 80) and Albany Academy senior midfielder Coleen Werther (57-7 64).

Bethlehem senior attack Tee Ladoucer (60-22 82), Guilderland senior midfielder Nikki Branchini (32-14 46) and Shaker junior midfielder Kat Thomas (40-18 58) were each named as All-Americans.

Saratoga has not had a player placed on the All-America squad for the past two years.

Section II is allowed a total of three All-America and three All-America Honorable Mention selections based on the number of teams registered with US Lacrosse.

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The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

The Saratoga Phillies, the defending champions of the New York Collegiate Baseball League, have scheduled an exhibition game for Monday, July 23 at East Side Rec against the Russian Olympic Baseball Team.

“This is going to be a very exciting event and experience for our community,” Phillies owner Dan Rogers said. “To see some of the best players in the world representing Russia come to Saratoga to play against our collegiate team is pretty cool.”

The Phillies are the only team in the NYCBL that the Russians will play. They are going to play several teams in the New England Collegiate Baseball League before playing the Phillies. Then the team plans to head south to play games in the Coastal Plains Collegiate Baseball League. From there the Russians head to the European Olympic Qualifier in Barcelona, Spain, on Sept. 7.

The Phillies open their season June 8 in Bennington, Vt., against the first-year Bennington Bombers and have their home opener June 9 at East Side Rec at 7 p.m. against the Little Falls Miners.
Credit to The Saratogian's Chris "Bantam" Starace for the information

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shen rolls through Suburban Council track championships

The Shenendehowa boys track team caught lightning in a bottle Tuesday night at the Suburban Council championships.
The event was delayed twice because of thunder and lightning in the area after one event was completed. The light and sound show forced the competitors into the Colonie gymnasium and onto the athletes buses. Once the rain passed the second time, the event went off and was almost completed until an electrical storm erupted nearby, causing the coaches to cancel the meet just as the 4x400 relay was on the track.

It would take more than atmospheric intervention to stop the Plainsmen from running away with the Suburban Council track title, racking up 144.50 points in the meet, outdistancing Colonie with 67 points, Niskayuna with 60, Guilderland with 55 and Shaker with 52.50. Bethlehem was sixth with 40 points followed by Ballston Spa at 38, Saratoga with 34, Mohonasen with 25 and Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake in 10th place with 22 points. Averill Park and Columbia were tied in the final spot with 10 points.
Shenendehowa claimed the top spot in the 200-meter dash, 800-, 1,600- and the 110-hurdles.
While the Plainsmen earned top honors, Saratoga County was represented on the medal stand with Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake captured the 4x800-relay and Ballston Spa’s pair of field event experts, Drew Fitzgerald in the pole vault and Chris Adams in the shot put each setting new personal records.

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It's 9:11 pm is your track meet done?

With the urgency of a state worker heading into a vacation week, the Suburban Council track meet grinds, ever so slowly towards its finish.
With a rumble in the distance, organizers hustle to get the 4x400 to the line.
A couple quick flashes of lightning bring the meet to a quick close, immediately.

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Give it the old college try

The storm has cleared for the second time and the coaches have decided to re-start the meet at 6 pm.
One more delay, the third strike, would scrap today's activities.
We'll see what happens.

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Almost on again...

The rain stopped and time passed, just enough to allow the athletes back onto the track...then thunder along with some lightning sent everyone scurrying back into the gymnasium as the skies darkened and rain began to fall for the second time this afternoon.
I'm sitting in my car cursing Mother Nature right now as she robs me of more precious deadline hours.
Last roll of thunder at 5:20 p.m...I hope.

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Boys Suburban Council track currently delayed by rain

It didn't surprise many track fans and athletes Tuesday afternoon at Colonie High School.
With the warmest day of the month and the threat of thundershowers in the forcast, the weather guys finally got it right.

At 4:18 the first rumble of thunder rolled through and a flash of lightning sparked in the distance automatically forcing a 30-minute delay of the event.

As competitors and coaches made their way inside the school and onto buses, droplets became pellets that then turned into buckets.
Each additional rumble and arrow of lightning added a 30-minute delay to the track championships.
The skies appear bright towards Central Avenue but dark towards the Northway.
The rain has appeared to have lessened and the thunder rolling further away at 4:45 p.m.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Saratoga strokes to eight state titles

The Saratoga Rowing Association rowers not only defended their home water, they basically beat off the competition with their own oars. Saratoga once again dominated the NYS Scholastic Rowing Championships on Fish Creek, taking home eight state titles.
Canisius earned four boys titles and Fairport also took four titles, the women's novice eight and three additional boys events.
But it was the SRA ladies who continue to dominate the waterways of the state. The girls captured six titles, with the boys earning the club lightweight four and club senior quad events.
The Saratoga girls earned gold medals in the club double, club lightweight double, scholastic freshman fours and eights, scholastic junior eights and senior eights.

My apologies to anyone who felt they had to wade through my 70-inch story in today's Saratogian Newspaper edition. We were the only outlet that had the names of each member of the local winning boats. Because of my plight and the efforts to make the winner's names possible, I felt obligated to list them for all. I think the effort by all involve justified the lengthy work.

Many of the winners over the weekend will advance to the Scholastic Rowing Association of America Regatta May 25 and 26 while others earned a bid into the US Youth Rowing Invitational in Cincinnati, June 8-10. I have plans to attend the SRAA event in Camden, NJ, but am hitting a roadblock with my editor. I'll keep you updated.

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How about them T-breds!?!

Congratulations to the Skidmore College baseball team heading to the NCAA Division III Tournament, riding a Cindarella-type wave with convincing wins this weekend and to the Thoroughbreds women's varsity eight, earning a No. 14 ranking in the latest rowing polls.

Skidmore (20-18) takes on St. John Fisher College in the first round of the NCAA Division III Championship New York Regional at Falcon Park in Auburn, May 16 at 1 p.m. The Thoroughbreds are seeded sixth in the seven-team double-elimination regional. The regional winner goes on to the Division III World Series, May 23-27 in Appleton, Wisc.

This is the second tournament appearance for the Thoroughbreds, who finished third in the 2005 regionals. St. John Fisher, the No. 3 seed is 26-11 and is making its first-ever tournament appearance.

Seedings for the NCAA III Baseball-New York Regional
1) Cortland (35-4)
2) Ithaca (24-13)
3) St. John Fisher (26-11)
4) Manhattanville (23-17)
5) Trinity (28-6)
6) Skidmore (20-18)
7) Westfield State (20-15)

May 16 schedule. May 17, 18 and 19 TBD
Game 1 Manhattanville vs. Trinity 10 a.m.
Game 2 St. John Fisher vs. Skidmore 1 p.m.
Game 3 Ithaca vs. Westfield State 4 p.m.
Game 4 Cortland vs. Loser-Game 1 7 p.m.

Rowers ranked No. 14 in nation
The Skidmore College women's crew varsity eight is ranked 14th in the latest Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association Division III Top 15 poll.

The women's eight of coxswain Meg Riley, Angie Polletta, Kacey Light, Amanda Wirene, Erin Newell, Cate Kelley, Meg Weagley, Leila Wendler, and Carol Simonson received 15 votes in the previous poll, but were propelled into the ranked boats with a third-place win at the NYS Collegiate Rowing Championships last weekend.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

NYS Rowing III

The wind that wrecked havoc on Saturday hasn't existed today on Fish Creek.

The abundant sunshine brought a gleem to the precious medal winners throughout the afternoon.

The Saratoga Rowing girls scholastic junior eight beat out new Capital Region power Shaker by two seconds, 5:21.33 to 5:23.45.

The Spartan boys second eight held of Fayetteville-Manlius for third place. To no one's surprise, Chaminade won in 4:51.56 followed by City Honors at 5:05.21. Burnt Hills was third at 5:15.29.

The locals owned the lightweight fours with the Friends of Shenendehowa Crew, Inc rowing to a 15 second win over Poughkeepsie and Nardin.

The Saratoga boys lightweight club four earned its state title with a 10 second win over Brighton and a 13 second win over McQuaid Jesuit.

The Shenendehowa girls club lightweight four took home silver, finishing five seconds behind West Side Rowing.

Burnt Hills earned a medal along with a moral victory with a third in the boys scholastic second eight. The Spartans were bested by Chaminade at 4:51.56 and City Honors second at 5:05 with Burnt Hills bronzing at 5:15.29.

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Crew and some baseball news

Crew is ahead of schedue and the Skidmore College baseball team is ahead of St. Lawrence at RPI, 8-0 through four innings. A win by the Thoroughbreds earns them a berth in the NCAA Division III Tournament.

Adding some names to today's winners:
Shenendehowa's Murtaza Lavery and Stuart Horstman battled through the wind Saturday to earn the boys junior double.
SRA Sarah Martin and Casey Stein earned gold in the girls lightweight double, grateful the race was moved to Sunday.
Saratoga's Aidan Stein and Dave Kelly couldn't catch Brighton, but proudly wore their silver medals.
Saratoga High's Maddie Tucci claimed her fourth NYS title, rowing with Greenwich junior Caroline Williams to claim the girls club double title.

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NYS Champs II

One minor glitch this morning, no names available through the rowing websites for the New York State Championships. Imangine me writing a baseball recap with the pitcher getting the win and the first baseman hitting a dramtic game-winning home run! That would endear our paper to what, maybe two people.

I did voice my displeasure (OK, I threw a fit), but thanks to Bianca Krueger, she came up with a method of getting names of our local medalists for Monday's paper. Whew! We'll have it fixed for Scholastic Nationals in two weeks.

Congrats to Shaker's Austin Meyer, avenging a deciding loss to Saratoga's Elihu Reynolds last week at sectionals and becoming the rowing club's first-ever state champion.

"He gets out fast, especially in the first 500," Meyer said. "I got out ahead the first few strokes and held it to the sprint."

The duel isn't over as the two go head-to-head again next week at The Stotesbury Cup and SRAAs in two weeks.

Saratoga's next generation of ladies, the freshman scholastic fours and eights earned state titles with powerful rows down the creek this morning.

The freshman four rowed past its own B boat for a nine second victoryn going 1-2 for the title.

The SRA freshman eight led Burnt Hills across the finish line by 11 seconds giving Saratoga County a 1-2 finish in the event.

Things are moving along smoothly, 20 minutes ahead of schedule heading into the lunch break.

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Early morning rowing winners

Here are the early morning medal winners:

The biggest surprise came in the boys single final as Shaker's Austin Meyer outdueled SRA's Elihu Reynolds by under a second to take the state title.
Meyer covered the 1,500-meter course in 5:32.39 and Reynolds crossed in 5:33.21.

Boys club double: Saratoga A second place behind Brighton Rowing, 5:43.70 to 5:56.33.

Saratoga girls go 1-2 in club doubles:
Saratoga A in 6:18 and Saratoga B in 6:29.72.

Shen takes third in boys scholastic senior double in 5:37.78 behind Friends Academy and CBA - Syracuse.

Shaker shines in the girls novice scholastic eight with a 2nd at 5:44.62 behind Fairport at 5:37.23.

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NYS Rowing Champs in good shape

Mother Nature isn't as fickle today, allowing all races to go off on schedule and under sunny skies and flatter water.
Parking is available at Saratoga National Golf Club with a shuttle back and forth to the NY State boat launch all day.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wind runs away with crew states on Day 1

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The past week provided some of the best rowing conditions for area crew teams. Warm weather, calm water, and intense rowing all leading up to this weekend’s New York State Scholastic Championships on Fish Creek.

Apparently, Mother Nature is not a fan of crew.

High, steady winds hampered all of Saturday’s preliminary rows and selected finals. With heavy winds, the normal spring sprint side-by-side racing was limited to traditional fall season individual head races where the crews race the clock in an attempt to complete seeding times for today’s semifinals and finals.

“The computer said we had 5 mph winds out of the North with whitecaps on Fish Creek,” Saratoga Rowing Association Race Director Chris Chase said. “It takes at least 10 to 15 mph winds to create caps and the winds were going up.”

The decision was made to eliminate the still stop with all six boats per race lined up in racing lanes and held in place by a person laying down on a secured platform called a stake boat.

“If they were able to get a running start they had a better chance of keeping their point (direction),” Chase said. “Our goal today was to get every boat a time.”

The event was under pressure to crown state champions, but also to determine the teams eligible to advance to the Scholastic Rowing Association of America National Regatta May 25 and 26 in Camden, New Jersey and the U.S. Rowing Youth Invitational June 8 and 9.

“If Sunday is worse, but two-thirds or three-quarters of the regatta has a time we can still get those crews into nationals,” Chase said. “It’s great to win state title, but you have to realize that boats need times to qualify for nationals.”

Stay tuned for updates throughout Sunday from the shores of Fish Creek as I will be updating from my Blackberry on weather along with local winners

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Shen baseball eliminated from post-season

Less than a week from ending the post-season hopes of rival Saratoga Springs, the Shenendehowa baseball squad met a similar fate.
A 9-3 loss to Bethlehem Friday afternoon, put the Plainsmen out of the playoffs with a 4-8 Suburban Council record.

According to the Section II baseball committee, a .500 league record is needed to be eligible for the post-season.

This is the second time in eight years that Shenendehowa has not advanced to the playoffs. The first missed opportunity was in 2001.

With a roster that boasted as many players as a hockey bench, there will be a lot of unhappy faces looking forward to playing Connie Mack and Mickey Mantle baseball this summer.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Call her Dr. Reda Psy.D.

With the passion that has carried her through three degrees across more than a decade and two states, my wife, Reda Garrett-Hudy successfully completed her dissertation defense at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in Boston, Massachusetts.

Her presentation, Disaster Intervention: One Year After Hurricane Katrina: A Case Study, was well received by the staff, friends and family in attendance.

The Ballston Spa resident reviewed her findings of post-traumatic stress among care givers one-year after the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. Reda and a group of students spent a week in the Gulf Coast area, touring the damage and assisting at various remaining health centers.

Her study revealed the pain those who are paid and who chose to help are effected by disaster, both natural and man-made.

Her findings included the lack of preparedness of immediate care givers, and how the early removal of immediate response teams (Red Cross) leave a void for follow-up care.

Her work while in the Gulf Coast included a daily diary for The Saratogian Newspaper that was widely read and is still commented today, a year later.

She has spent the past five years commuting to Boston via Greyhound Bus, living away from her husband (me) and four cats. Her 128 trips by bus have totalled more than 42,000 miles and untold hours of looking at the foliage on the Mass. Pike.

She spoke with passion and emotion about her research, the destruction and the pain still felt by those survivors she worked with and assisted.

Ladies and gentlemen, kind readers, friends, family and loved ones, I would like to introduce you to my wife, Dr, Reda Garrett-Hudy Psy.D.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Final Chase - SRA founder steps down

The man who took on the role of club adviser for a group of students at Saratoga Springs High School looking to start a rowing club and helped mold it into a national powerhouse has decided to call it a career.

For the past 11 years, Chris Chase has been the head of the SRA and with it, the organization's heart and soul. He was the face of the organization which has earned four national titles, a North American title, 50 New York State Rowing titles and sent more than 60 students onto college as scholarship athletes.

He said his dream has always been to own a restaurant and with a new wife, Cora, and two young sons, Tristan and Connor, he has had to scale back.

The program has never been lacking rowers, starting at 70-plus rowers the first year and reaching 170 this year, it is in good hands.

Expected to replace Chase is former girls varsity coach Eric Catalano, who has been an assistant coach with the Radcliff women's program. The Gilberts, Mike and Cathy, are expected to stay on with the girls program and Keith Alber is anticipated to stay on as varsity boys coach.

Even as he spoke about his departure, Chase talked about how he would still be involved with the organization, from coaching "a boat", maintaining a position on the board as well as being the organization's "regatta director."

His passion was evident Wednesday morning, sitting in a launch in the middle of Saratoga Late at six o'clock in the morning talking to his freshman girls four and eight who were out for an early morning practice.

Giving the young ladies a chance to regroup after a two-mile excursion, he re-told a story of how the 2002 girls eight won the SRA's first-ever national championship. 12 sets of eyes looked out of their boats, glued to him re-tell the tale of how the group found another gear in the biggest race of their lives.

"You'll know that you have it, you just have to reach down deep enough to find it," Chase told the next generation of champions.

His focus remains on rowing as the SRA will host this weekend's New York State Rowing Championships on Fish Creek before going on the road for the Stotesbury Cup next weekend, followed by the Scholastic Nationals in New Jersey with a short break before the US Rowing Youth Invitational in Cincinnati.

His term officially expires August 1.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

You know you're mad when...

It's 5:30 am and do you know where your sportswriter is???

Not tucked in bed dreaming of a Pulitzer Prize...not sleeping off a late night strategy session held on Caroline Street...No, I'm at the Saratoga Rowing Boathouse taking photos, video and doing interviews for this weekend's NYS Rowing Championships.

Who said sportswriters sit around, eat pizza, hot dogs, watch TV and bicker about Roger Clemens?

I'm just here with the freshman girls eight along with several other boats for an early morning practice.

I don't see any of my peers here...
Hello? Guys. Time to wake up and watch the sun rise on Fish Creek...Oh God, I am crazy..

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hockey House pleas...Justice served?

Not everyone left the courtroom happy Tuesday night.

The New York State Troopers reported that up to 80 underage students attended at least one of the parties at the Halfmoon location, but only 13 individuals were charged and only seven were charged with a felony.

“My clients have said they are sorry for what has happened, but they are not so sure
that other party goers who did do damage to the house were not arrested and they are taking some of the (blame) for the other people that did damage,” attorney Oscar Schreiber said. “They know that there were statements made against them and that is what the police based their arrests on and the district attorney based their prosecution on.”

Despite their disagreement with the charges, Schreiber said his clients will abide by the plea agreement.
“They will do the community service,” Schreiber said. “They do think its fair for their individual case, although there are still questions as to whether other
party goers did not get arrested when they should have been.”

There is currently no word that the investigation would continue by the BCI to ascertain how the underage party goers obtained enough alcohol for the four events, what establishment they purchased it from or what store clerk sold it.

With the use of the family court system and youthful offender status, the issue appears to be closed with only the hurt feelings of those charged versus those who weren't.

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Hockey House update 9 of 13 plea

Ten out of the 13 defendants charged appeared in court tonight.
Nine of them accepted plea agreements and another was adjourned.

For those accepting pleas the penalties included community service hoursranging from 50-200 hours, restitution of $2,100 for the seven charged with felonies and successful completion of an alcohol and substance abuse program through CAPTAIN.

The remaining four defendants are expected to appear on May 29 or June 12.

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Hockey House pleas live II

The wheels of justice are moving slowly tonight.

In 90 minutes it appears that five of the expected defendants have been sentenced either in a very low volume in open court or removed to the back room in family court.

It appears the $14,500 in restitution was split equally among the seven individuals charged at $2,100 each.
While within earshot, but barely audible, for the few seen at the bench, those appearing were given community service hours and restitution.

The harsher sentence may have been for the six defendants who were suspended from the Shenendehowa varsity lacrosse team for eight games under the school's athletic code of conduct.

I am waiting with several television staffers for the court clerk to confirm those sentenced not under youthful offender status and those who had their appearance adjourned to a later date.

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Hockey House pleas in session I

While justice may be being served at the Town of Halfmoon in open court you may need a bionic ear to hear it.

With no microphone system in place and no required court transcripts to be created, matters handled by Judge Kevin Tollisen were barely audible from the front row.

Several fresh faced defendants approached the bench with both attorneys as well as parents. Without jerseys, they are hard to identify.

Two of the four who approached were both offered by Tollisen to adjourn to family court in the back of the court room.

With all 13 defendants presumed to be eligible for youthful offender status and a sealed indictment, the public may not know what the penalty was.

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Hockey House pleas update pre-court session

On the docket tonight are 11 of the 13 individuals charged as part of the "Hockey House" investigation into vandalism that occur ed to a recently vacated home in Halfmoon in March.

A series of underage drinking parties led to more than $10,000 in property damage. Restitution was set by Saratoga County District Attorney Jim Murphy at $14,500. The amount includes $4,500 for lost rental income to the owner during the investigation and subsequent repair time.

Tonight is expected to be a circus with at least two television remote trucks as well as many parents coming to support their accused teens. Cameras will not be allowed in court this evening, instead staged outside of the building.

The 6 and 11 pm broadcasts could be worth viewing tonight.

10 minutes until the judge sits.

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Hockey House circus

If anyone thought that 13 teenagers charged with vandalising a home in Halfmoon, now known as the "Hockey House" must be in a media blackout.

At the Town of Halfmoon Complex, local television stations Channel 6 and 10 are broadcasting live via remote truck.

I'm lucky enough to be standing in line with an assortment of attorneys, some of which represent "Hockey House" defendants.

Court opens at 5 p.m. with the judge sitting at 5:30 pm.

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Terry Jones new football coach at Saratoga High

Saratoga Springs assistant football coach will be named to succeed Blase Iuliano as head football coach for the 2007-2008 season.

The appointment is listed as part of tonight's agenda for the Saratoga Springs Board of Education meeting.

Iuliano announced his retirement earlier this year to spend more time with his family, both his father as well as children and grandchildren.

Jones has held a variety of coaching positions at Saratoga Springs and the nomination of Jones as the head coach was called a "group decision" by some sources to avoid any conflicts.

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Hockey House update IV: Plea deals expected today

Plea deals from the 13 teenagers charged with trespassing and vandalising a home in Halfmoon in March are expected to be in court today.

All 13 are expected to be sentenced as youthful offenders and their court sentencing sealed.

District Attorney Jim Murphy has confirmed that the restitution amount for the damage that occurred is $14,500 and will be spread among the 13 defendants with the seven teens charged with Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree, a Class E felony, carrying a larger portion of the divided amount.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Saratoga baseball out of post-season tournament

Today's 9-3 loss by the Blue Streak baseball team to rival Shenendehowa mathematically eliminated Saratoga from the Section II Class AA tournament.

The Blue Streaks own a 2-8 league record with only four games remaining. Section II's baseball committee, in its infinite wisdom has decreed over the years that only teams with a .500 league record are eligible for post-season play.

It has been argued as being an unfair rule and recently, Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake managed to have the decision to be left out of post-season play overturned and captured the Section II Class A title.

Burnt Hills plays a Suburban Council schedule versus Class AA teams, but its post-season competition is against Class A opponents. They had a case, sadly, the Blue Streaks don't.

There is still hope for Saratoga fans. Shen could miss the post-season for the first time ever and the Blue Streaks could be the squad to deliver the crushing blow.

The Plainsmen have a 3-7 league record with four league games left against, Colonie, Bethlehem, Mohonasen and you guessed it...Saratoga.

The two squads meet in the season finale May 15 at Shen.

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Congrats to Thoroughbred duffers! Headed to NCAAs

Congratulations to the Skidmore College Men's golf squad, earning their 21st consecutive NCAA Division III tournament berth.

Senior Stuart Drahota (Ft. Collins, Colorado), sophomore Toby Spector (Waterville, Maine), senior Nick Caldwell (Acton, Mass.), freshman Chris DeJohn (Rocky Hill, Conn.) and freshman Sam DaSilva (Wyckoff, New Jersey) will compete at the Hawthorns Golf and Country Club and Prairie View Golf Club in Fishers and Carmell, Indiana, May 15-18.
The Thoroughbreds are currently ranked No. 11 in the latest NCAA poll, winning five tournaments this year, including two in weather-shortened spring season.
This is the first berth for first-year coach David Bakyta. Skidmore holds a 240-12 record this season versus DIII competition.

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Diary hits the big time!

I am thrilled to announce that "Diary of a Mad Sportswriter" has hit the big time, being linked Monday afternoon to The Saratogian Newspaper website
A big thanks goes to my managing editor Barb Lombardo for the permission and copy editor Sean Treacy for the html skills to link it.
I can't forget the big man, Adam "The White Papi" Samrov, for all his help on The Saratogian Newspaper website for all his help with making the Spinning Wheels link a reality and uploading my racing stories and art. It's good to have another race fan in the building who has the secret codes to the newspaper's web-site upload pages.
My next goal is to not disappoint the reader or hopefully reader plural, updating the site is a priority and it will often happen from the site via my blackberry, so I apologize in advance for any typos. I'm working on adding video courtesy of Dr. Reda Hudy's latest gadget "Reda's Camera". I think the videos will be on You Tube first, then linked on the blog and on the newspaper site as technology permits.
For first time readers, read my bio, it explains a lot about what I write about. I look forward to writing for you in the future.


Rules violations costly to race teams

MALTA — Race director Bruce Richards reminded all race teams that he would be enforcing the rule book early and often this racing season. He wasn’t kidding.
After its inaugural run of the budget sportsman division the top five racers found themselves sitting near the pit tower for an extensive technical inspection. Carburetors were checked, heads were pulled, cylinders were checked and even the fuel mixture was tested.
Four passed, one failed.

Alex Bell’s No. 23 was disqualified for a non-compliant intake manifold. According to race officials on Friday, he will receive a 30-day suspension.
“I told them in February to be prepared,” Richards said. “I’m going to be tough on the budgets. There is going to be something every week.”
Richards said the budget class could expect a tech stop every week, not a physical engine tear down like Friday’s events, but something within the CVRA rule book, both strict interpretation of the rules as well as the “spirit of the rules.”
“If they want to spend a lot of money, there are other divisions they can race in,” Richard said.
The mini-stock division ensnared two race cars for technical infractions with a possible third racer facing a penalty.
2006 champion Ken Hollenbeck’s automotive computer was not stock and Jim Daniels did not have the ability to tear down or re-build his Neon’s engine. Both lost their points accumulated and were handed a 30-day suspension.
Hollenbeck left the race track vowing never to return and raced at Fonda Speedway the next night, winning the 10-lap four-cylinder feature.
Clifton Park’s Brette Osgood’s No. 20 was torn down, checked and then impounded at the track awaiting a final decision.
The young driver was visibly upset after the question was raised about an engine part being handed in “cold”. The other racing part from the other racers was considered “hot” to the touch.
The mini stock division has 35 cars registered, but only 20 showed up to race Friday, up from 15 the week before. Now three race teams may be gone for a month or longer, but Richards isn’t worried.
“I think that may be why some cars are parked, because of this,” Richards said.
Also being docked points Friday night was the No. 47 of John Baldwin for rough riding. He received zero points for the feature, but will be allowed to race next week.

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Good news, bad news Friday at Albany-Saratoga

This is the full print version of the May 4 racing action at Albany-Saratoga Speedway as appeared in the May 7 edition of The Saratogian Newspaper. For a shorter version, go to quick results posting from May 4
MALTA — Friday night at Albany-Saratoga Speedway saw some familiar faces in victory lane and some unhappy ones next to it below the pit tower for post-race inspections.
Modified champion Brett “The Jet” Hearn returned to victory lane, holding off the race track’s all-time winningest driver, Jack Johnson, for his first win of the year.
Clifton Park’s Chris Busta and crew were all hugs and kisses in victory lane, leaving no doubt who had the fastest sportsman racer on the night, earning his first win of the year in the 25-lap feature.
Cambridge freshman Alex Bell out-maneuvered Fred Proctor to take the inaugural checkered flag in the budget sportsman division, but saw his first win evaporate, failing the post-race technical inspection, giving Proctor the win.
The Lazzaro Motorsports Team made it two wins in a row as Vinny Santoro took the checkers this week. His teammate Kim Duell won the season opener last week.
Jim Monroe III made it two-in-a-row, taking his No. 9 Monroe Racing around the dirt oval 20-plus times during a yellow flag filled feature.
It was deja vu all over again in the four- and six-cylinder mini stocks with Ken Hollenbeck and Phil DeFiglio, repeating as winners in the small-engine combined feature. DeFiglio made it to the checkers on fume and Hollenbeck left the track with smoke coming out of his ears, failing the post-race technical inspection.

There was no $500 Salisbury Chevrolet Head Hunter Bonus given out as the “hunted” Hearn moved up quickly from his sixth starting position and utilized an outer line that put him in control.
“I thought we were a little loose the whole race, that was helping me back it around the cushion a little bit,” Hearn said. “It was hurting me getting off the corners too, slowed me down at the end.”
Johnson was in the process of reeling in Hearn, getting by Matt DeLorenzo and A.J. Romano before pulling up side by side down the front stretch as the Kruger lap counter ticked off 34 of 35 laps. Just as the two headed into the first turn, the yellow caution flag came out, forcing a one-lap, single-file, shoot out.
Hearn slowed the field through turn four before punching the gas. He cut off Johnson on the turns for his first win of the year at “The Great Race Place.”
“I just want to get a jump and get away,” Hearn said. “It’s just so guys couldn’t come with me, give myself a little bit of breathing room going down into one.”
From there, he went corner to corner, keeping Johnson from adding to his record win total.
“I knew I didn’t want to open up the door too wide in one so I cut across one a little bit, close that door a little bit in case someone had a run there” Hearn said. “I went down into three and bury it in there and come off the cushion. Execution is one thing, but you have to think it out before you do it.”
Busta and his Central Deli and Catering No. 41 took control of the field, only slowed down by the yellow caution flag.
“We found a set-up this week,” Busta said. “We spent four hours on this car on Wednesday, not getting stupid, just double checking to make sure.”
It paid off as the Clifton Park driver went wire-to-wire, driving into victory lane, getting out and celebrating on the roof of his open-wheeled racer. Once back down to Earth, the 25-year-old shouted and pointed to his father, “This one is for you.”
“That’s dad’s retirement fund right there,” Busta said pointing to his No. 41. “It don’t get no better than him. How could you ask for a better father and son.
“I really got to say when it comes down to it he does anything that we need him to do and he’s the best,” Chris Busta said. “None of this would even be an option without him. We got great guys behind us, but Ken Busta is the reason we are here. This one is definitely for him.”
The open-wheel division has new competition as the budget sportsman division rolled out for the first time, but the racing was anything but amateur.
Alex Bell, in his Upstate Pace Setters No. 23, drove like a veteran, holding off Fred Proctor, despite focusing on his dashboard for 20 laps.
“We’ve been having motor problems and I was hoping that the motor would stay together,” Bell said. That was the most nerve-wracking. Going down the straightaway I kept on looking at oil pressure, water temperature and every gauge that there was in the car.”

The Cambridge High School student quickly found out that he was in for side-by-side racing Friday nights, not just for a couple spins around the dirt oval.
“I figured that it would be follow the leader the whole race,” Bell said. “It was fun.”
His smile disappeared as the post-race technical inspection of the top five finishers revealed that his intake manifold didn’t meet the requirements of the starter division. He lost his 50 points for the win Friday, but gained time to work on his incoming engine, receiving a 30-day suspension from the Champlain Valley Racing Association.
Vinny Santoro hugged the inside line of the 4/10th-of-a-mile dirt oval, seeing nothing but the white Jersey barrier for 25-laps, earning his first win and the second of the year for his racing team, Lazzaro Motorsports.
“I think it was all about track position,” Santoro said. “The car felt real good down low.”
His lockdown racing left a battle for second between Jeff Washburn and Bernie Companion, finishing 2-3 and battling from the higher line.
“I was watching some videos a couple weeks ago about Joey (Santoro) and tack of the track was like this, rubbery, no track high or in the middle,” Santoro said. “You watch him race and you try to apply that stuff.”
Last week, teammate Kim Duell took the checkers for the race team and the group has its eyes set on the 2005 mark of eight wins in a row.
“We talked about that,” Santoro said. “We’re on our way now, let’s just hope that we can keep doing it.”
Clifton Park’s Jim Monroe III had a goal of winning one race this season, he may have to raise his expectations after wheeling his way to a second straight victory and surviving eight yellow caution flag interruptions.
“This is a real Cinderella story,” Monroe said after navigating the slick surface for the second week in a row. “That’s why we tweaked the set-up over the winter because we always run last and the track is always like that. No matter how much motor you have, you have to put the tires to the track.”
The yellow silks allowed the field to catch up with Monroe, including a red-flag stop with one lap to go when David Emigh and Johnny Morris Jr. each ended up on their roofs. Both walked away unhurt.
“I knew John (Filarecki) was going to race me clean,” Monroe said. “I knew it was going to be hard to pass me on the outside. This is a great start to the season.”
Last week’s winner, Ken Hollenbeck had several challengers Friday night, racers and inspections.
Hollenbeck’s No. 40 managed to survive a three-wide challenge by Brett Osgood and John Baldwin with two laps to go, earning the 2006 track champion his second straight checkers.
“I think I went a little too slow paced,” Hollenbeck said. “I reeled in a little too much, trying to be careful and it kind of almost cost me.”
It was a non-stock automotive computer in his KKH Auto Sales that cost him the first two weeks of points. The unit was deemed non-compliant, a racing advantage and carried with it a 30-day suspension from both CVRA tracks. John Hollenbeck finished second, but was disqualified for rough riding and Osgood’s potential first-place award is also in limbo. His vehicle was impounded at the Albany-Saratoga track pending further technical inspections and no official decision was made available before press deadline.
DeFiglio and his Riverside Auto Parts No. 28 may keep a better on their fuel gauge next week. The two-time six-cylinder winner ran out of gas on lap nine of the 15-lap event.
“This is a different car than we’re used to running a 2.3 (liter engine), the old one is a 2.4,” DeFiglio said. “I guess that our math calculations on fuel were wrong.”
He was still able to make it around the track, giving up his first-place spot among the field to the fuel-filled four-cylinder racers.
“I let those guys (4-cylinders) race, I’m not going to hold them up,” DeFiglio said. “If I could manage to stay in the front, then I saw the No. 77 (Tim Anagnos) get bye me, then he blew up a lap later. I tried to nurse it and hope nobody could get by me and it worked.”

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Thoroughbred crew shines at states

WHITNEY POINT — The Skidmore College women’s varsity eight took on the best in New York State and in the nation Sunday morning at Dorchester Park in Whitney Point, earning a bronze medal at the New York State Collegiate Rowing Championships.
The women’s eight of coxswain Meg Riley, Angie Polletta, Kacey Light, Amanda Wirene, Erin Newell, Cate Kelley, Meg Weagley, Leila Wendler and Carol Simonson finished 11 seconds behind William Smith, ranked No. 2 nationally in the Division III polls. The Herons rowed the 2,000-meter course in six minutes, 56.5 seconds. Ithaca College, ranked No. 3 in the same poll, earned a silver medal with a 2,000-meter sprint in 7:02.6. The Thoroughbreds were third at 7:05.4.
“There are six sophomores in the boat, two seniors and a junior with an average height of 5-foot, five,” Skidmore coach Jim Tucci said. “On paper they don’t look like they should win, in terms of their stature or their erg scores. They don’t look like they should make their finals.”
The Thoroughbred women’s eight was unranked with its 15 votes in the May 2 poll, but could leap up into the Top 15 this week when the national rankings are released.
On Saturday, the Skidmore women’s freshman/novice four and men’s lightweight fours captured gold medals, battling a one-foot chop with a tailwind.
The women’s four of coxswain Elissa Nadworny, Jordan Klein, Allie Little, Maddie DeManche and Emily Flam captured the gold in 8:39.6 leaving behind the Sarah Lawrence-A boat in 9:08.1 and Iona at 9:14.8.
The men’s lightweight four of coxswain Ron Sanchez, Jeremy Wilmot, Artemas Richardson, Jake Odentz and Kevin McCreary won the gold in 7:04.7 followed by University at Albany at 7:12, University at Binghamton-A at 7:26 and University at Binghamton-B at 7:42.
The season continues for the women’s eight and men’s lightweight four, returning to Dorchester Park next weekend for the ECAC Regatta. Without a men’s lightweight category available, the Thoroughbred crew will move up in class, competing in the heavyweight class at Whitney Point.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

SII rowing varsity finals

With very low video power left, the boys didn't disappoint.
Shaker held the lead, Saratoga moved up to challenge but faltered as Burnt Hills showed new found power midway through the race.
With 300 to go, it was Shaker with a slim lead followed by Burnt Hills.
Now the girls varsity eight...
Saratoga was challenged by Queenbury very late but held off all comers to capture the Section II title.
After their successful row, the winners rowed to the awards dock to receive their medals and a flower.
Not a bad first Saturday in May.

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SII rowing update III

I wrote about racing up the river in a launch was cool...tell that to my butt. No boat cushion to save me today and the wake waves from the large pleasure boats is taking its toll.
I just got great video of the boys second varsity eight final. We had to peel off with 300-meters to go, but it was a four-boat race in the end. Burnt Hills walked (passed) Niskayuna, but Shaker and Saratoga weren't about to be denied.
Battery on video camera running low, looks like time to buy more backups.
In girls second varsity eight Saratoga's A-boat went out for a nice piece, not challenged on their way for a gold medal.
Saratoga B had a battle on its hands, seat to seat with Niskayuna and Burnt Hills four seats behind. Niskayuna walked the B entry and kept up with the Saratoga A boat.
I'm saving the battery for the boys Varsity 8.

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SII rowing update II - Early finals

The wind has picked up, making the starts a precarious task. Due to the public waterways, stake boats and launches aren't used so rowers have to align themselves for the start fighting the wind and the current.
In the girls novice eight, Shaker destroyed the competition, rowing to a six boat-length victory.
As much as crew is a beautiful, smooth sport it is cool to race back up the Mohawk River in a speedy launch.
In the battle of Saratoga boys, the varsity four, Shenendehowa rocketed its way to a gold medal. The Plainsmen went wire to wire, winning by more than eight boat lengths followed by Scotia-Glenville, Burnt Hills and the Saratoga youngsters rowing up in the V4.
The ladies followed and the Shen four had a competitor in Shaker until powering its way to a commanding lead, winning by three boat lengths.
Things are running smoothly and surprisingly, on time. Must be some horse racing fans on the race committee.

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SII rowing

What a great day for the Section II rowing championships on the Mowhawk River hosted by Niskayuna Rowing.
Overcast skies gave way to a beautiful blue backdrop for the teams from the Capital District.
I got the chance to be out on the water in the afternoon with Mike Della Pia, announcing, and Niskayuna freshman rowers Andrew Fiumano and Liza DeBlock.
My goal is to get some great photos, test out capturing video of the event, write an award-winning story and of course, not get burnt to a crisp from the sun.
Della Pia was a hero on the water, flipping a collar lock on the Shaker Novice 8 at the start line. God bless the Swiss Army knife company.
Saratoga walked through Burnt Hills midway through the novice four for a great race. It also made for great video...I think.
Ana joins us in the boat, the best looking photographer from the Schenectady Gazette. I said this day was looking good, I just didn't know how good.
I'll update later in the afternoon.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Albany-Saratoga quick results May 4

Modified feature
There was no Salisbury Chevrolet Bonus given out as the "hunted" Brett Hearn held off another member of the Johnson family, Jack Johnson, to take the modified feature.
Hearn moved up quickly from his sixth starting position and utilized an outer line that put him in control. A yellow flag on lap 34, with Johnson pulling next to Hearn on the front stretch, forced a single-file restart. Hearn slowed the field before he punched the gas. He cut off Johnson on the turns for his first win of 2007.

Sportsman division
25 laps
It was all hugs and kisses in victory lane as Chris Busta left no doubts about who had the fastest sportsman on the night leading all 25 for his first win of the year.
Busta's No. 41 is new from end to end, going for broke and looking for a track championship.
"This car is my dad's retirement fund," Busta, this week's Driver of the Week said. "I can't ask for a better dad to support this race car. It's truly something special."

Budget Sportsman Feature
Cambridge freshman Alex Bell out-maneuvered Fred Proctor to take the inaugural checkered flag in the budget sportsman division at Albany-Saratoga Speedway.
With a suspect motor, the teenager spent his time watching his engine gauges as much as the dirt oval, running like a veteran and taking on Proctor side by side throughout the 20-lap feature.

Pro Street Stock feature
25 laps
The Lazzaro Motorsports Team made it two wins in a row as Vinny Santoro took the checkers this week. His teammate Kim Duell won the season opener last week.
Santoro started on the pole and never left the inside line for all 25-laps. Jeff Washburn and Bernie Companion battled for the second spot, turning to the extreme outside line in the last three laps trying to get past the No. 01.

Limited feature
Jim Monroe, III made it two-in-a-row, taking his No. 9 Monroe Racing around the dirt oval 20-plus times during a yellow flag filled feature.
The yellow silk was waved eight times in the 20-lap event, twice before a single lap was completed and at lap 19 when Johnny Morris Jr. and David Emigh both ended up on their roofs. Both drivers walked away unhurt.

Mini Stock feature
It was deja vu all over again in the four- and six-cylinder mini stocks with Ken Hollenbeck and Phil DeFiglio repeated as winners, but not without a challenge.
DeFiglio short-changed himself at the gas pump, running out of gas on lap nine, fallling from the lead to fifth, but still the first six-cylinder to cross the line on lap 15.
Hollenbeck made friends, locking up with Brett Osgood and John Baldwin going three-wide, door to door for two laps before breaking free for the final two laps.

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It wouldn't be racing without controversy

MALTA - After a glorious opening weekend of racing at Albany-Saratoga Speedway, Race Director Bruce Richards is making sure the competitors know they won't be getting a free ride.

As soon as the checkers flew in the inaugural budget sportsman class, the top five cars were directed to the pits. The call, an engine check to ensure no one was outside the rules or "spirit of the rules" in the class.
Intakes, carbeurators, gasoline mix and ball checks were all part of the process.
Each car is required to run a low compression engine along with run on super unleaded gasoline, not the super-high octane racing fuel.

Bell was posted as the unofficial winner, pending the outcome of the technical inspection. Racers are told to check the website or call Richards after 10 a.m. Tuesday.

No, Maybe, Yes...

2006 pro street stock champion Lori Cary had a rough week last week, going to the pits with engine problems after only nine laps. This week she found out she had a blown piston and Richards was not agreeable about letting her run her back-up car.

After several trips back and forth to the pit tower she was placed in the back of the field for the 25-lap feature according to the line-up sheet.

Let the games begin
It only took one week of racing for a "drivers only" meeting to take place at the base of the pit tower. The move is typical if the press is present (i.e. me).

It only lasted a few minutes along with some strong language to remind the drivers to behave in the full-fender feature.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

CDL Night at Albany-Saratoga Speedway

This Friday, May 4 at The Great Race Place, grandstand admission is free to race fans with a valid Commercial Drivers License.
Regular show admission is $10 adults, $2 kids under the stick, tots are free.
The gates open at 5 p.m. with racing getting underway at 6:45 p.m. All divisions will be in action tonight along with the debut of the budget sportsman division.
Ronnie Johnson took the first modified event of the year holding off Matt DeLorenzo, Brett Hearn and Matt Sheppard. Johnson set a new
Speedway mark in the feature, turning a 16.391 second lap at 83.460 miles per hour. With the win he was also the first to claim the Salisbury Chevrolet $500 “Beat Brett Hearn Bonus.”
The track came together after afternoon showers muddied up the clay surface, but Johnson set a new record on a brand new, re-engineered Goodyear Racing Tire.
Tonight is your turn to pick…Brett Hearn or the field?
Rubbing is racing
There was some friendly bumping in both the pro street stock and limited divisions last week.
Bernie Companion nudged Vince Santoro reminding him he had the speed to pass in the pro street stock feature and Mike Ostrander found himself sideways, then at the back of the field and finally black flagged after losing the lead midway through the limited feature.
It is expected to be topic of conversation at the driver’s pit meeting and the racers will be sure to get an earful from the race director during Friday’s action in their one-way radios.
Fresh faces: The budget sportsman division makes its debut at The Great Race Place. Who will be the first “true rookie” to take the checkers?
Good Friday
2006 Track Champion Lori Cary managed only 12 laps Sunday night in her Garrity Asphalt Reclaiming No. 96. Will the pro street stock class’s first lady
return to victory lane on her traditional Friday night race night or will a different Lazzaro Auto Body teammate, Vince Santoro drive to victory lane?
Racing with a handicap
With a full week of racing under their belts, look for the winners to be handicapped and starting deeper into the field.
Will the mini stock division please roll in
Last week only 15 cars showed for the 4- and 6-cylinder feature. Will more cars show up this week or will the beginner division become extinct?

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Hockey House Update IV: Restitution announced. Appearances set May 3

The 13 individuals charged with vandalism that occurred to a recently vacated home in March now know at least part of the price they will pay for the damage to the property.
Saratoga County District Attorney confirmed that the restitution amount due the landlord is $14,500 to cover the extensive damage to sheet rock, walls, the basement ceiling and other areas of the home in Halfmoon.
With the restitution confirmed all 13 are expected to be in the Town of Halfmoon Court to face charges from E Felonies to Class A misdemeanors. Four individuals are facing charges from filing false statements in Clifton Park during the investigation. Those charges have been combined to be heard and assessed as part of the proceedings May 3 in Halfmoon.

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